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Forgot how to multiply decimals?  Can't remember how to identify the main idea of a passage?  Trust us, you're not alone.  Select one of the options below to begin a comprehensive review.  The subjects reviewed include arithmetic, elementary algebra, reading comprehension, and sentence skills.

Personal calculators and dictionaries are not permitted on the NC DAP placement tests.  As such, try to work as many practice math problems as you can without the use of a calculator.

A CPCC Username and Password are Required to Access the English and Sentence Skills Practice Tests. Follow this link to Create/Lookup CPCC Login


Instructions for Using the Math Review Reading & English Review Videos
Math Review & Practice Tests Reading & English Practice Tests

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Official College Board DRE Sample Questions

(includes WritePlacer essay sample prompt)

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Please review our retest policy carefully. It is important to note the practice tests are intended to aid in your preparation for the placement tests.  Successful completion of the practice tests does not guarantee success on the placement tests.

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