Study & Practice

Prepare for the placement tests by taking practice tests and watching review videos. These practice tests should be taken prior to taking the placement test. They are also used to help determine retest eligibility.

English and Math practice tests are provided to students through CPCC EdReady. EdReady will prepare Students for a more successful attempt on the mathematics and English portions of the CPCC placement test.

If retesting, please review our retest policy, carefully, and bring a copy of your practice test scores with you to the Testing Center.

Personal calculators and dictionaries are not permitted on the placement test.  Try to work as many practice math problems as you can without the use of a calculator.

*Review materials and practice tests are best viewed using Internet Explorer. Study & Practice

Practice Tests for English, Math & College Level Math:

Additional Resources:


    Here is a list of CPCC Open Labs if you need access to a computer.

    *In some instances, a slow internet connection may cause graphics to not load properly.  In most cases, pressing the F5 key to refresh your screen will fix this issue.