Placement Testing

Placement Testing Overview

Placement testing provides an accurate and timely assessment of a student’s academic proficiency levels,  which help determine the most appropriate courses in English, reading, and math.  Therefore, it's very important you do the best you can when taking the placement tests!

Please note that placement testing is now mandatory for all new curriculum students unless exempt by a waiver.  Please view the policy, here.

What Placement Test Does CPCC Administer?

Central Piedmont Community College administers the North Carolina Diagnostic and Placement (NC DAP) test. The NC DAP test is taken via computer and contains four assessments (WritePlacer Essay, Reading, Revising/Editing, and Math). A fifth assessment, College-Level Math, may be administered depending on your math score and will be determined by an academic advisor.  With the exception of the WritePlacer essay, each placement test section is untimed, allowing you to relax, concentrate, and take as much time as you need.  The WritePlacer is timed for two hours.  The average testing time for all four sections is 3 hours, so please plan accordingly.

Please note that the mathematical symbols used on the NC DAP placement tests conform to symbols used in North America.

Testing Guidelines

  • A valid photo ID is required for testing (CPCC student ID, driver's license, military ID, or passport).
  • Calculators and dictionaries are not allowed during the placement tests.
  • The Testing & Assessment Center provides pencils and scratch paper.
  • Upon completion of the placement tests, students will receive test results and meet with an academic advisor.


    How to Prepare for the Placement Tests

    Rest and preparation are two of the most important things you can do to improve your scores.


    Note: Permission to retest is not automatic. Please review our retest policy prior to testing. If you are not feeling well on the day of your testing appointment, please consider rescheduling.  An email explaining how to do this was sent to the email address you used to schedule your appointment.



    Placement Test Schedule Button

    If you have a documented disability or received academic accommodations in high school or at another college/university, please visit Disability Services prior to taking your placement test to discuss services available and process of approval.  Contact Disability Services at 704-330-6621 or email if you have questions.

    If you have taken the NC DAP Placement Test at another school within the last five years, have an official copy of your scores mailed, faxed, or emailed to CPCC,  C/O: Testing Center.  Scores must be sent from the educational institution where test was taken. Only College-Level Math from the old ACCUPLACER battery of tests will still be accepted.

    Mail: CPCC Testing & Assessment Center, Central High 248, P.O. Box 35009, Charlotte, NC  28235

    Fax: 704.330.6620



    In the event of inclement weather or other emergency situations, please listen to area radio and television stations or call 704-330-6888 for announcements regarding the operation of the College.  When the College closes, all classes are cancelled and testing appointments will need to be rescheduled.