$2000+ Scholarships for German Immersion

Scholarships of $2000 are available for students interested in the CPCC German in Heidelberg Summer Language Immersion


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German Language and Culture Foundation Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Enrollment in the German Program. Preference will be given to students with a track record of success within the German Program.
  • Full time CPCC Student
Curriculum Criteria: Enrolled in the Summer CPCC German in Heidelberg Immersion Program
Other Criteria: Student must state in writing his/her motivation for studying in German
Scholarship may be used to pay: Travel expenses for CPCC study-abroad to Heidelberg. ($100 application fee not covered)
Monetary or Non-monetary: $2000+ toward travel and study expenses in Germany.  Unsanctioned lack of completion of the course will incur penalty reimbursement of the award by the student.
Controlled by: Foreign Language Division
Renewable: No
Exclusively a Scholarship: Yes
Report: No
Donor: German Language and Culture Foundation
Program: German in Heidelberg Summer Language Immersion Program