Decide Which Program is Right for You

    Ready to make the move from interested student to international traveler? First, read the information below and then apply for 2018 programs!

    • Decide which program interests you - Review the available study abroad programs to see what dates, prices, and course credits will fit with your schedule and academic need.
    • Find out more details about your specific trip and get your questions answered:
      • Review the trip's webpage - pay close attention to due dates,
      • Talk to the instructor identified as the program leader, and/or
      • Talk to the Global Learning Staff in Overcash 303, 704-330-6167
    • Consider your budget - Studying abroad is an investment in your future. It requires planning, creativity, perseverance and commitment, but the rewards will last a lifetime!
      • Carefully review the program costs.  Make sure you understand what is included and what additional costs you might encounter in country.
      • Get creative - think of ways that you can actively fundraise, seek assistance, or save to meet your goal.
      • Set a meeting with Financial Aid to determine if you might be able to apply financial aid to the cost of your trip.
      • Review available scholarships
        • CPCC Scholarships
        • Search the internet to see if other scholarships exist that are applicable to your background, focus of study, destination country, etc.
      • Set priorities - Try to save a portion of your paycheck each month and set it aside specifically for study abroad. Consider working longer hours or getting a part-time job for additional funds towards study abroad.  Postpone the purchase of that big ticket item you were considering (new car, wide screen TV, etc.) and use funds for your study abroad program instead.
    • Apply!
      • Complete the on-line CPCC Study Abroad Application.
      • Fill out the cashier payment form.  Bring it and your non-refundable $100 application fee to the CPCC cashier in Central High.  This fee is due when you submit your application
      • Make sure you complete any additional application steps necessary for your program.  Look under "how to apply" on the program's page.
      • If there are CPCC scholarships available for your program, make sure you also submit your scholarship application and required recommendations, if any.
    • Obtain your passport – This process can take a while, so the earlier you start the better.  Submit a copy of your passport to the GLO in Overcash 303.  If you have questions, contact the Global Learning Office.


    If you have any questions, contact the Global Learning Office or visit us in Overcash 303.