Estimated Expenses

$3950 prepaid to CPCC Study Abroad

  • Roundtrip airfare Frankfurt - Charlotte
  • Study Abroad Registration Fee
  • Registration fees Alpha Aktiv Language Institute
  • Immersion course at Institut  (3 hrs. 15 min. per day)
  • Instructional materials
  • Lodging with German family with half board
  • Transfer to Host Family accommodations
  • Extra-curricular activities planned by Language Institute
  • Study Abroad Insurance (see link for details)

Not included:

CPCC Summer registration (If on financial aid, credits paid.)
Passport expenses
Laundry, telephone and incidentals
Sightseeing and other excursions you choose
Other entertainment, gifts, shopping??????
  • Use the Currency Converter to determine current US Dollar amounts.

    When paying for anything, the best exchange rate is by using a credit card when possible. But many businesses in Germany do not accept credit cards. Most debits cards will work in ATMs in Germany. Check with your bank before you go. Be sure to call your credit card company and let them know you will be using your card overseas, and what dates. Some companies will block international transactions as a security measure.

    We recommend that you have some Euros in cash for immediate needs. The Charlotte airport bank exchanges dollars to Euros as do large international banks downtown.  Your own branch usually will do this for you if you can wait a week or so for your money.