Lab Activities - Heidelberg

German in Germany Lab Checklist /Central Campus

Print out this checklist, and turn in to Daniela Weinert before you go.



Go to our CPCC German in Germany Website– Go through this site thoroughly.

Go to
Explore German Links…especially listening/speaking, tourism, culture
Check out our German language movies on DVD in the Language Lab.  The more you listen to the language the better.   Borrow for 3 nights.
DVD 101 German Travelogue: Introduction to the places and people of Germany. Discover unique locations to enhance your travels.
DVD 102 and CD German Language Learning/Cultural Immersion Experience (60 min DVD) (45 min CD)
DVD 103 Visions of Germany
We also have German Music CD available
BOOKS:  Central Campus Language Lab
German Phrasebook

Germany, Unraveling an Enigma by Greg Nees
Essentials of German history and a glimpse of German culture, attitudes, communication.