Things to Do Checklist

Action Item

1. Review carefully the program webpage to understand program dates, course information and payment requirements. To answer any questions, talk to the identified Program Leader or the Global Learning Office about your specific program.

2. Submit Application and $100 non-refundable application fee to Global Learning Office (Overcash 303)

3. Make first payment according to the payment schedule.

4. Get your passport photos. 2" x 2", full face, identical. Various places will do these such as Kinkos, Biggs Camera on Kings, AAA, CVS (cheapest) or the Main Post Office on McDowell St. when getting passport.
5.Obtain your passport. Need 2 passport photos, birth certificate, drivers license, SS card. The Main Post Office downtown on McDowell St. will process for you. It may take two months and longer if wait till Spring.  (Can do a RUSH for extra $$$)
6. Register for the appropriate course when registration opens for that semester. Find course number and section number on the program webpage.
7. Make payments, according to the payment schedule.
8. Complete all supplemental forms and pay supplemental fees as instructed by Program Leader and Go Global Office.
9. Register your trip with the State Department on-line.
If USA needs to contact you or you lose your passport or whatever, the embassy can retrieve your info via this State Department Website. Read the information and then click on the “short trip” option and fill in the form. Be sure to do this when you have all of your information ready. Everyone must register their trip at this website so that any problems can be more easily solved.
10. Check State Department Website for Travel Warnings.
11. Check Center for Disease Control Website for travel health advisory. 
12. Review the Health & Safety section on the Student Study Abroad Handbook website.
13. Attend all required pre-departure meetings.