Estimated Expenses 2012


Of course the experience is priceless!

Payment includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare from Charlotte to Montréal
  • Roundtrip taxi or van from Airport to our student residence in Montréal.
  • French immersion classes and afternoon communication activities (69hrs)
  • Instructional materials
  • Lodging in student residence suite with kitchenette
  • Sunday introductory cruise from the port of Old Montreal
  • One day excursion to historic Quebec City with guided tour
  • UQÀM Registration fee (University of Quebec, Montreal)
  • Special event ticket
  • Study Abroad Registration fee
  • Instructor guidance
  • Study Abroad insurance

    NOT included:

    • CPCC Summer registration for academic credits.
      Amount depends on number of credits
      3 - 7 credits   $50 per credit hour  $14 Lab fee
      $1 per credit technology fee (If on Pell Grant, credits will be covered.)
    • Meals (You will have kitchenette.)
    • Local transport when needed (You can walk most places.)
    • Passport expense
    • Laundry, telephone and incidentals  (laundromat in the Residence)
    • Additional museum and sightseeing tickets you may choose
    • Other entertainment, gifts, shopping

    When paying for anything the best exchange rate is by using a credit card.  You will not have ATM usage fees if you just pay with your credit card.

    Visa and MC debit cards will work in ATMs. Check with your bank before you go about their ATM usage fees and using the card abroad. You will be charged an ATM usage fee and a conversion fee every time you get cash.    It is best to take larger amounts out rather than pay the usage fee for smaller amounts more often.  There is a $300 daily limit.  Also, be sure to call your bank and credit card company to let them know you will be using your card in Canada, and what dates. Some companies will block international transactions as a security measure.

    You may also wish to consider a pre-paid debit card with a certain amount preloaded for you to spend.

    We recommend that you arrive with about 100 Canadian dollars in cash for immediate needs. The Charlotte airport bank exchanges dollars to Canadian dollars as do large international banks downtown. Your own branch usually will do this for you if you can wait a week or so for your money.


    Use the Currency Converter to determine current US Dollar amounts.