How long will it take to earn this distinction?

Graduating as a N.C. Scholar of Global Distinction will depend on the rate at which students complete the requirements. Other variables include class selection and availability. Courses may fill up or not be offered in certain semesters.

Will I have a special cord at graduation?


Does this program transfer to other schools?

This program does transfer to some N.C. community colleges; the Global Scholars Coordinator can provide information about which community colleges apply.

Can I get credit for international events off campus?

A student who wishes to attend an off-campus international event for program credit must get prior approval from the Global Scholars Coordinator.

How do I receive credit or track the events I attend?

Once accepted to the program, students will be provided with materials and instructions for tracking the international events they attend in order to receive credit for the program.

What if I take classes at another campus other than Central?

Eligible courses offered at all CPCC campuses, including online classes, count toward the program requirements.

Do I have to be in a certain major or program to do this?

No, as long as you are a current CPCC curriculum student, you are eligible for this program. Students from a variety of areas including Nursing, Business, Transfer and Applied Sciences have applied.

What countries are available to me as a study abroad student?

The Global Learning Office at CPCC offers a wide range of study abroad programs each year. Prior destinations included: Thailand, Italy, Greece, France, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Tanzania, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Peru and Brazil.