CPCC's Global Issues Forum

The Issue: Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is an expansive industry that accounts for an estimated $32 billion per year in international trade. Victims of this crime are held against their will through acts of coercion, and forced to work for anything from bonded labor to commercialized sexual exploitation. There is no stereotypical victim. Those targeted include all races, ages and genders and this crime occurs both around the world and in our own communities. Addressing this issue is not simple, and requires people to look at the situational factors that lead to vulnerability, community watchfulness for signs, official investigations and prosecutions, and rescue and rehabilitation for victims.

The Event: Not My Life Film Screening

On Tuesday, November 12th, CPCC's Global Learning Office, in coordination with the World Affairs Council of Charlotte and CPCC's Student Life, hosted a screening of Not My Life from Worldwide Documentaries. The film was followed by a panel discussion including Mark Blackwell, founder and president of Justice Ministries, and Denise Whiting, an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Investigator. The panel was moderated by Michael Bossick. If you have follow up questions for either of the panelists, contact us at global.learning@cpcc.edu and we can provide contact information.


What Can You Do to Help?

  • Learn > Educate yourself about human trafficking - Globally and in Charlotte. From sex trafficking, to forced labor, to domestic servitude, you can be an advocate for the men, women and children affected by modern-day slavery by learning the indicators of human trafficking AND where to report it.
  • Spread the Word > Discuss the topic with friends, co-workers and family. Give presentations in your classes and with your community organizations.
  • Donate > Monetary contributions to reputable organizations can make a direct impact.
  • Report > Report suspicious activity to law enforcement or your local human trafficking hotline. Your call could save a victim from a trafficking situation. The Polaris Hotline is available at 1-888-3737-888 any time of the day or night in 72 languages.
  • Volunteer > Volunteer for a local anti-trafficking organization or mentor at-risk youth. Evaluate your talents and professional capacities, you may have more to offer than you think!
  • Call > Call your local, state, and federal representatives and ask them what they are doing to address human trafficking in your area. Sign petitions and do your part to help get laws passed which advocate for victims and punish both traffickers AND johns.
  • Training > Human trafficking training is available for businesses, first responders, law enforcement, and more. Incorporate what you learn into your organization's trainings, and manuals.