2019-2020 SGA Executive Committee Election

2019-2020 SGA Executive Committee Candidates

The following students are candidates for the 2019-2020 Central Piedmont SGA Executive Committee. The election runs April 23-29, and all currently enrolled curriculum students may cast their vote. Open positions will be filled after the beginning of the Summer 2019 term.Learn about your SGA candidates for the upcoming school year.

Sarar Ayache

2019-2020 SGA Candidate Sarar Ayache

My name is Sarar Ayache. I am a proud Lebanese American, and while my whole family lives overseas, I’ve found a new family here at Central Piedmont. Throughout my two years here, I’ve been involved in SGA, the Global Students Association, and Pride Alliance, and I’ve helped where I could in various other student organizations, whether it was helping with makeup and catering backstage or getting on the pavement and stage to highlight others.

One of the things I’ve learned during my year of being involved in SGA, Student Life, and other organizations is that, as gratifying as getting involved is, there is always more to be done. There are always more students to speak with. Students who spend their days between the parking lot and the classroom have labyrinths of potential to get involved, connect, and grow, and I want to share this side of Central Piedmont with them. We are studying together at one of the greatest community colleges in the nation. We can’t forget how big a part the word “community” plays in our name. It’s important for us to come out of our shells and connect with the people around us. I want student organizations to be a regular part of the average student’s day. I want Student Government to not be in a cave behind the mountain, but an open forum where no one hesitates to step in for the first time and get involved. I have so much love and care to give to others; being in an executive position won’t mean anything unless I put it to action. That is my intent as President of Student Government Association.

Raven Bell

2019-2020 SGA Candidate Raven Bell

I greatly appreciate the given opportunity to apply to become a Student Government Association Executive Committee member. That being said, I would like to express my desire of becoming the Student Government Association Treasurer for the upcoming fall semester. My urge to uphold this position grows tremendously from the acts of admiration, support, involvement and encouragement the club offers to every student at Central Piedmont Community College, including myself. My current involvement with Central Piedmont has given me a good amount of knowledge and experience, I believe, is significant enough to be an phenomenal Treasurer.

Being a scholar of the Opportunity Scholarship Award has given me the motivation to get more involved at Central Piedmont. The more I ventured out and utilized the opportunities open to me I’ve become a former participant of Summer Bridge, a SGA Senator,a Peer Mentoring Scholar and recently been promoted at work as a Supervisor from a Sales Associate. Every decision I’ve made as a Central Piedmont student, I value because of the person it has crafted me to be. I have developed into a well rounded, organized, responsible individual and a dependable person in any given situation, school related or work related. I always go above and beyond what is asked of me and aim for successful results of any tasks.With that being said, I believe my combined involvement in and outside of school has prepared me to be able take on the responsibilities of an SGA Treasurer.

With such a great amount of SGA members graduating this semester, It pushes me to realize everything I’ve learned from each member I’ve met to venture out my comfort zone and become a leader within the SGA club. The current members of SGA have made effective actions that encourage me to keep their wonderful behavior traits within SGA moving forward. Not to copy but to learn and improve from their decisions. It’s been extremely interesting to be a part of the funds requests this semester and my consideration grows for not only SGA but all other Central Piedmont club involvement and their opportunities for all students. For example, The Rotaract club Rotary luncheon I attended was an excellent opportunity to expand one’s knowledge, network and gain contacts for possible mentors, recommendations, I encourage students to attend. Whether I am a representative, senator, or executive committee member, I will always aim for excellence within Student Government.

Yeisha Calderon

2019-2020 SGA Candidate Yeisha Calderon

My name is Yeisha Calderon, this is my second semester at Central Piedmont Community College. I am an Opportunity Scholar, which is an educational/career-training scholarship for high school graduates. By being part of this program, I had to attend Summer Bridge which has helped me transition from my high school to college. I have had the opportunity to attend Real Talk sessions and Service Learning events which have allowed to grow as a person. In the fall semester of 2018, I got involved in the Student Life Activity Board at the Harper Campus. The Student Life Activity Board is a group of Central Piedmont students that are responsible for the planning and execution of Student events. Because of my involvement in the Student Life Activity Board, I was asked to attend a Leadership Conference in the fall which allowed me to connect with people from SGA in Central campus. I am currently a Senator in SGA at Central Campus, which has helped me become more involved with clubs such as Rotaract and Global Student Association. Lastly, I was selected in the Peer mentoring program with Katrina Johnson in the Mentoring and Bridge Department. The experience obtained from my current participation with SGA, Student Life and Peer Mentoring opened my eyes to the lack of communication among the Campuses. I am running for Vice President of the Student Government Association because I want to increase the communication among the satellite campuses. I want students to feel heard and included, I want them to interact with each other and help each other achieve their goals. Currently students feel that Central Campus is above them, but all the different locations such as Harper, Harris, Cato, Levine, and Merancas have equal opportunities to do great things. Once we work on all campuses feeling included, we can work on bettering ourselves for a greater purpose. Let’s all set an example of cooperation, understanding and conscientiousness. Let’s be the voice of those introverted students that are afraid of speaking out. Let’s keep SGA as the great family that it is and add more family members to feel loved and understood.

Glody Mutebwa

2019-2020 SGA Candidate Glody Mutebwa

My name is Glody Mutebwa and I am running for the position of President of the Student Government Association. I am currently completing my Associate degree in Engineering with hope to transfer to a 4-year institution. I am the present President of Rotaract at Merancas and a member of several other organisations on campus: Phi Theta Kappa HS, Mu Alpha Theta HS, NC STEM Alliance, MAN UP, GSA and the Soccer Club.

My desire to serve the community, the college and especially the students comes from my experience here as an international student. Coming to the U.S. as a teenager, learning a new language and adapting to a different society were some of the obstacles I had to overcome. At that critical point in my life, the community represented by Central Piedmont helped me overcome my challenges and blossom. I grew as a person and as a leader and I would like to express my gratitude by this act of service. Through my involvement on campus, I discovered the multiple opportunities offered by the college and I uncovered my inner strengths and weaknesses. I developed my communication skills, my social comprehension and my leadership abilities.

As President, I would wholeheartedly commit to support the college and advocate for the student body to the best of my abilities. My goals will be to increase the outreach of the Association throughout the college, to create a more inclusive and comprehensive environment where the amazing diversity of age, race, gender, religion, nationality, and personal experience present at Central Piedmont can flourish and express themselves fully and freely. I want to harness the great riches that represent our student body in order to develop a more vibrant, active and innovative college experience and student life.

Briany Santos-Villalobos

2019-2020 SGA Candidate Briany Santos-Villalobos

My name is Briany Santos and this is my second year at Central Piedmont Community College. I am pursuing a double major in biology and chemistry to go to medical school. It is quite a mouthful to say but I am proud to say it! Higher education was more of an elusive desire for me coming out of high school due to financial struggles. Thankfully, I was awarded the Presidential Scholarship which covered my tuition and textbooks and allowed my journey here to begin. Instead of coming to school, taking my classes and waltzing back home, I chose to invest my time getting involved on campus. This year alone I’ve juggled my participation in both the Ruth G. Shaw Scholarship Program and the Presidential Scholarship Program. I fulfilled my role as a representative of the Student Government Association and as the Vice President of Records of Phi Theta Kappa. On my free time, I conducted research through the NC STEM Alliance all while being a full-time student. My involvement on campus has given me the opportunity to grow both as a leader and an individual.

I want to give back to this organization and mainly the students to extend to them the opportunity that was extended to me. With this purpose, I intend to run for the President position of the Student Government Association. There are different areas in which this organization can improve to better serve the students. The communication and sense of community with our students, within our student organizations, and among our campuses can be greatly improved upon. Our job as student leaders is to represent the student body and encourage their growth and involvement. It should be easy for students to walk in and feel welcomed. There are various active student organizations all working to help our students. We should improve the teamwork among these organizations to better achieve our goals. Finally, there is a need for improvement on our sense of community among the different campuses. There is an untapped potential with diverse perspectives, ingenious ideas, and drive among our campuses. This can be harnessed to benefit us all. I will achieve this goal by holding myself and other student accountable. There will be a push for events between student organizations and between different campuses.

I alone will not be able to do this, but with the help of my advisors and fellow executive board members, this can be accomplished.

Jimmy Strickland

2019-2020 SGA Candidate Jimmy Strickland

My name is Jimmy Strickland; and I am running for PIO. My biggest goal is to network and connect with a variety of leaders. This motivation has lead me to become involved in many organizations. These organizations are the Student Government Association, NC STEM Alliance, PTK, and Central Piedmont Foundation’s Ambassador. Each of these organizations gives me a different perspective on how to shape my school, community, and the state. I have learned team building, by being a part of a team in the North Carolina Stem Alliance.  I have learned cooperation and team work by working with my NC STEM Alliance team to create an application to help students understand how to better manage money. As an individual, I have also learned how to lead by example. I have worked to spread my knowledge of computer science to individuals by creating a website, allowing for others to learn more about it. I have also hosted the first Autism Awareness event at the Levine Campus, then guest speaking at the same event at Central Campus the following year. I believe the Public Information Officer position would help me connect more with other influential leaders here at Central Piedmont and with other students. I want to make Central Piedmont the best community college in the world by allowing students to feel welcome towards their leaders and I want to instill in them the motivation to succeed. If elected I will use all of the skills that I’ve learned from my experiences to make Central Piedmont a wonderful community college lasting for years to come.

Koichi Takara

2019-2020 SGA Candidate Koichi Takara

My name is Koichi Takara and I am running for President. What do you think of when someone mentions the word “Government?” Most of you will not have a positive image of it. We always hear about collusion, scandals, and calls for change; our government in America is filled with things it needs to reform.

Central Piedmont Student Government Association (SGA) also has the room for improvement, and if elected as President, I will fight for improvements that will help ALL students tremendously. For example, many students believe that the President only applies to Central Campus. That, is not true. As someone who represents Merancas as a Senator and is endorsed by students attending other campuses, including Central, Harris, and Cato, I want Central Piedmont students to understand that I will work with multiple campuses to unify us as a student body. In addition, there are many students taking online classes who may not have the opportunity that students attending a campus have. If elected, I will do my best to make and promote existing opportunities available to online students.

Being from Japan and growing up in California, I have studied with students from a variety of backgrounds. Furthermore, my experience as a Peer Mentor at Central Piedmont and a volunteer for numerous organizations also opened my eyes to many needs that our fellow students face today. These experiences provide me with a mindset completely different from other candidates. I would like to emphasize the word “improvement” as my goal. Whether it be communication, student clubs, the SGA Constitution, or the fact that a recent survey I ran found that most students who took the survey find SGA “irrelevant,” I will strive for re-evaluating where we are as Student Government and make the right changes.

Remember; your vote has a huge impact. Politicians say the same thing about their elections, but at Central Piedmont, one vote actually matters more than a vote in their election. A vote to make the person wanting to make a positive difference, will be a direct ticket to the school’s success. After all, we all pay the student activity fees, so why not elect someone who wants to improve the very place the money is spent on? Let’s make the changes happen.

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