2017-2018 SGA Executive Committee



Spencer Jones



My name is Spencer Jones and I am running to become the President of Student Government Association. I am attending Central Piedmont Community College to continue my education into getting my Associates in Science, which I plan on taking to a four-year college with the motive of going to Medical School. When I first attended CPCC, I was immediately drawn to Student Government Association and got involved as soon as I could. I have served as a Senator for SGA since the Fall 2016 semester and this opened so many opportunities for me. This allowed me to really reach out to students and learn how to actually make a difference in their lives. The position also helped me increase important leadership qualities that are hard to find anywhere else. These qualities advised me to get more involved with the Phi Theta Kappa and Mu Alpha Theta Honors Societies. I became a part of more community projects, attended the 2017 Student Leadership Conference, and now I am running to be the future President of SGA. The desires that I have of getting involved and really wanting to reach out to every single student on every campus is something that, I believe, is a great quality that the future President should have and need in order to truly stand up to such a high role. Getting involved with CPCC is something that I was really looking forward to when I first came here. Just being here for such a short amount of time really helped me learn how to collaborate with different crowds of people to really make a difference here. That is what stood out to me when I first joined Student Government Association. It was a place that welcomed everyone and truly wanted to make this college a home for the students and faculty. That is something that I will greatly enforce if I am given the President position. I will also look to promote the incredibly strong diversity that this school has, which makes it so welcoming to all around the world, make sure all students know that this is an establishment where they can express their creativity instead of just showing up for class, and really help link all of the campuses together into becoming one huge CPCC family. Thank you so much for this opportunity.


Vice President

Terren Connor


My name is Terren Connor and I am running for Vice President of the Student Government Association. I have been involved with numerous leadership initiatives on and off campus. As a senator for Student Government Association I have worked hand in hand with previous executives to implement goals set out to benefit the student body. Being a part of this wonderful organization helped me meet new people with different cultures and personality who are willing to do whatever they can to make Central Piedmont Community College a better place. One of the reasons why I am running for Vice President is because I would love to give back to the school I love so dearly, help my fellow students and be an ally between them and the administration. I once had the opportunity of serving on the Student Council as a Secretary back home in the federation of St. Kitts & Nevis, and that experience has equipped me to be of great asset to the Student Government Association. Central Piedmont Community College has a lot to offer and I will love to inform more students about this organization. I recently had an opportunity to attend the CPCC Leadership Conference, which made a huge impact on my life. That short weekend has helped shape and mold me to the person I am currently. It improved my leadership skills and taught me how to be a better leader.  I work well with a team and can accomplish what needs to be done efficiently and in a timely manner. Communicating and listening to others are important steps to being a leader and I have grown in those aspects, especially communicating. I am willing to work with my team and have a great successful year.



Kiyoshi Roberts


My name is Kiyoshi Roberts, and I am an international student from the Bahamas that strongly believes in diversity. I am running for Treasurer within the Student Government Association for the 2017-2018 academic year because I know that this is the next logical choice to grow as a person and leader. I am currently attending my second semester at CPCC in which I have also been observing our current executive team. I am presently studying I.T. with a Concentration in Cloud and Virtualization. As the name, itself shows that it requires a lot of concentration, hard work, and dedication to operate in this position. I possess many leadership skills including excellent communication skills, being a fast learner and also working along well with others. I enjoy helping others and working to the best of my ability because I am exceptionally analytical which is needed to get the job done as Treasurer. I believe that change is good and I am always committed to creating a positive change when it is required of me. I firmly believe that becoming Treasurer of SGA would not only be a positive experience in my life, but it would give me the chance to show that I am capable of budgeting the money given and earned by our prestigious club. When dealing with monetary funds, it is essential for one to keep an open mind, and I am very flexible because the money must be disbursed wisely. I had the opportunity to attend CPCC’s Leadership conference in which I was allowed to explore myself and find out ways in which I can progress as a leader. I learned more about others as well as myself. In addition to this, I participate in many community service events each year. One event, in particular, would be Komen Race for the Cure. I believe that taking part in these activities do not only provide self-accomplishments, but I am also making a positive impact on my community and others around me. Once I am chosen for this position, I plan to serve my fellow colleagues and entire student body in an honest, confident, unbiased and respectable manner.

Erick Rodriguez


My name is Erick Rodriguez. I am originally from Mexico, and I am a first-generation college student. I am the Secretary of the Student Government Association and seek to work conjointly with both faculty and students so that together we may forge a stronger and more engaged CPCC.  I have been a full-time student at CPCC for two semesters, and in that period of time I have had the opportunity become a member the North Carolina STEM Alliance, a program which enables under-represented minority groups to excel in STEM fields and create opportunities for their success. I have conducted formal research with my fellow colleagues and faculty, which has taught me coordination, leadership and responsibility; which are all qualities needed to become an effective Vice President. I have also become a representative at the Student Government Association, and have the privilege to serve as a representative for CPCC in the Student Welfare Committee. In my time at SGA I have created valuable friendships with students and faculty alike. I have also learned how to work together with my peers in order function efficaciously and help create a prosperous CPCC. I strongly believe that Vice Presidency is the best-suited role for my abilities and drive. If elected, I will work faithfully and diligently to fulfill my responsibilities, to actively work along with my colleagues to create and engage students in school events, and bridge the gap between the students and the administration. My goal is to create a more unified CPCC and build on its existing legacy as an institution, and together we will do that. That is why I intend to become Vice President. To constantly challenge myself and grow as leader, to serve my fellow students, and to make that goal come true. Thank you.

Public Information Officer

Tida Bayo


My name is Tida Bayo and I am running for the privilege to serve as your Student Government Association Public Information Officer. I believe I would work well in this position because I have had the privilege to be a member of SGA in numerous capacities since my freshman year including a Representative and a Senator. I have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively and successfully serve as the SGA Public Information Officer. Through these leadership positions, I have come to learn the best ways to make the strongest possible impact on the CPCC community. Furthermore, I have participated in the Student Leadership Conference, an important tool when working as an effective leader.  I am determined to stay true to the SGA mission and make sure we are an accurate voice for the student body. I genuinely care about the goals of our students, and the legacy they wish to establish within our community. I am also part of Rotaract, and Phi Theta Kappa Honor society. My short term goal is to transfer to a four year university and pursue a BSc in Computer Science. I have been lucky enough to work with so many wonderful student leaders within the organization and, through our projects and interactions have learned how to accommodate the opinions and requests of many people concurrently. The moment I walked into CPCC I knew that I wanted to be a part of the community, I wanted to serve and help make CPCC a better place. I am fully committed to our CPCC community and the future of all the students. By electing me as your SGA Public Information Officer you will be ensuring a year full of advancements and positive initiatives on campus. I am confident that I will be able to take the skills I have learned throughout my CPCC experiences and leadership opportunities and work to better the student body.