2014-2015 Candidates for Office

Learn more about the candidates for SGA! Elections run from April 21-27.

PresidentVice PresidentTreasurerPublic Information OfficerSecretary
Abed Arian Mariam Belagam Moza Hamud John Hamilton [vacant]
Tzadde Daley
Antoine Lopez


Abed Arian

My name is Abed Arian, and I am originally from Afghanistan. I am a full-time student at Central Piedmont Community College in the Associate in Arts program as a first step to ultimately earning a Master’s degree in Political Science and International Business. My plan is to transfer to the University of Washington in Seattle after graduating in spring 2015. In the course of the three semesters I have been at CPCC, I have taken frequent opportunities to become involved on campus. I started as a representative for SGA in my first semester, and was elected to be a senator in my second semester. As a Senator, I have learned to take responsibilities and work collaboratively with other senators and Student Life Staff.

Throughout the year, I actively volunteered in events like Fall Fest, MLK Challenge, and SGA promotion tables. I’m also with the Peer Mentoring Program as a mentor for the first year students. I believe doing such activities within the campus has brought me closer to people from different cultures with different mindsets, and that has enabled me to develop my communication skills considerably. Additionally, this year I participated in an unbelievable weekend in Camp Cheerio for the CPCC’s 25th annual Student Leadership Conference. This weekend was extraordinarily important because it made me realize the potential and capability that I have, to lead people. Not only realizing my strengths I also learned my weaknesses.

Outside the College walls, I am a peace ambassador and a translator for a non-profit organization called Solace for the Children. This organization brings children from Afghanistan to provide medical, dental and optical treatments. For the first time, I had the chance to travel with my ill brother, then escorting a group of 21 children back to Afghanistan. The experience itself is absolutely one of a kind. By making myself available to others to link the two different nations by providing knowledge, motivation and direction, I have learned that nothing is impossible.

As someone from a different country, I have had to learn how to ask proper questions, how to listen to different viewpoints, and how to work with different people. I offer these skills to the Student Government Association, at the same time, allowing me to further grow in my mission to promote leadership, encourage responsibility, and represent the interests of the students of this institution.


Mariam Belagam

My name is Mariam Belagam.  My family is originally from Pakistan, but I was born and raised in United States. I am attending Central Piedmont Community College and I am currently enrolled in Associate of Art program as a Business major, and I plan to transfer to a four year university to continue my education after I graduate from CPCC.

I did well in all my classes during my first semester here at Central Piedmont, which gave me the opportunity to join Phi Theta Kappa. My second semester at CPCC, I decided to join Student Government Association as a representative and I immediately fell in love with the people that I met and what they did. Being a part of SGA gave me more confidence and has helped towards the goal of perfecting my communication skills. The thing I love the most about SGA is that it is run by the students and it is completely focused on the students. At times, when I struggle, I noticed a simple push and encouragement from my peers helped me stay focused and motivated. This has completely changed my experience and has inspired me to do the same for others.  As a representative, I am always in the SGA office and I am always available to help anyone in need, but I want to expand my experience to serve as a Vice President. I always had a strong desire to help and encourage others. As a Make-up Artist, I have had the opportunity to see people glow after their make-overs. The radiance and the confidence I see in them is rewarding and I would love to recreate that with our future leaders. Being the Vice President will bring me a great opportunity to grow as an individual, help others learn from my experiences, and improve our community and student life.


Tzadde Daley

Hello everyone, my name is Tzadde Daley and I’m currently Student Government Association Central Campus Senator Chair. I was born in southern Florida in 1994 and moved here to North Carolina when I was 11 years old. After graduating from a Christian private school I took a year off to find what I really wanted in life. Not too long after that I concluded that obtaining an education was my solution.

Last semester I enrolled to CPCC as a first year student and found out about SGA. I came to find out it was the best decision I ever made. Since becoming a member of SGA, I have learned so much, met so many great people, and have gained outstanding tools and benefits for both my academic and personal life and future.

With the desire to want to continue to learn and grow,  share with and help others find helpful recourses and skills to achieve their goals; my endeavors to run for Vice President is a perfect step closer to this success.

If elected as your Vice President I plan to take action in taking part in student and campus activities and student organizations as well as in our own community. I feel, as Vice President, I will bring successful ideas, fun, and excitement to this position and be a bright light and example to those around me. With my personality and determination to succeed, not alone, but together as a team, we can do great things!


Antoine Lopez

I have seen faith and ambition in the eyes of CPCC students, and as the Vice President for the student government, I will dedicate my time and effort to fulfill their aspirations of excellence. My name is Antoine Lopez, a student at Central Campus in the associate in art program and willing to go to UNC Charlotte so as to attempt in a double major degree in Political Science and Communication.

I have been a traveler all my life, born in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and I have spent most of my time in Europe, mainly France and Spain. Today I am in the greatest journey I ever had. My Journey is long, my journey is tough, but thanks to CPCC, this journey is worth the time invested in it. After several years of studies in France I was lost, no cause to dedicate myself to, no purpose to defend. It was high time for me to decide what kind of man I want to be, and CPCC gave my goal a name: success. I started my journey through Europe in 2007, not that long ago but it seems already like an eternity. Meeting many different people, brilliant minds, sharing their faith and their opinion, I have learned a lot in seven years and I have a great faith in humanity. I am today persuaded that we can together accomplish great things, regardless of our origin or beliefs, and I want the future to be the symbol of this idealistic idea. My trip is not done though, and I am still looking for home.

In 2011, my heart landed into CPCC and for the first time, I felt that home was not as far finally. You, Charlotte, and our students taught me an important word, togetherness. The student government has a special meaning for me. Community within the community, each member is cheerful and full of promises, and they as a whole gave me strength and trust through my initial experience. Being the Vice President will be an honor and the occasion for me to give CPCC the favor back. I will strengthen the links of the SGA toward other CPCC entities, I will put under the spotlight the effort of the one who worked hard for success, I will value their efforts and their cause and dedicate our student government to our great focus, student’s success. I will give the second “C” of CPCC a new life and gather everybody under the same flag. Community is only the beginning, success is our goal.

Being available and approachable are my main qualities, but my strong will and my desire for the CPCC success as an entity are making me a great candidate. I will extend myself to give voice to students and opportunities to every organization to be heard. My plan is Unity.


Moza Hamud

My name is Moza Hamud and I intend to run for Treasurer for the Student Government Association 2014-2015. I am currently enrolled at CPCC as a transfer student with my short term goal of obtaining my associate in science degree with academic honors and to apply what I learn in class throughout my career. I plan to transfer and complete my pre-med degree in biochemistry then apply to a medical school to complete my doctor of medicine degree and I would love to specialize in oncology.

I am qualified to hold this position because I have been in many leadership positions throughout my life. I am the first born in my family which automatically forces me to be a leader and a role model to my younger siblings. I was the CEO of Green Enterprise Rolls (a junior achievement company program). I also led a debate team to victory in 2012. I am currently a representative for the SGA at Levine campus.

I am very organized, hardworking, easy-going, trustworthy, fun loving, and diligent. I work very well under pressure. I am a very good listener and given the chance, I am able to lead and delegate duties equally without bias. I am a very active SGA member and I have been involved in the many activities that the SGA has organized. I am also a member of Phi Theta Kappa. I recently attended the Student Leadership Conference organized by Student Life and I learnt so many great leadership skills, among them, being honest and trustworthy, which I believe I possess and I also believe that these are good qualities for a treasurer. Moreover I possess a year of progressive experience as a customer service liaison and/or cashier at Rx Clinic Pharmacy. My responsibilities include: managing the cash register, answering phone calls, coordinating deliveries for patients, filing prescriptions and to performed inventory. I have also been commended on my excellent communication skills. I, therefore, have dealt with money as the cashier at Rx Clinic Pharmacy which I believe gives me a green light at being a potential treasurer.

Honestly, I really enjoy working for the SGA, and I feel like it would be such an honor to be part of the executive committee and give life to the students as that is exactly what SGA does. It actually makes college life so much fun!


John Hamilton

My name is John Hamilton and I’m from Hampton, Virginia. I moved here a couple of years ago to spend more time with my family and soon after that I fell in love with Charlotte. Attending college was one of my top goals after graduating high school, so I began the long search for the right college. I’ve attended other colleges one of which was, Southeastern Institute, where I received a medical certificate. Within time, I knew that this was not enough for me and needed to learn more, but I didn’t know where to look. While searching for colleges, I discovered CPCC and now I’m enrolled in an Associate’s degree in Science for Pre Med. My plan at CPCC is to graduate and transfer to NCSU where I would like to obtain my bachelor’s degree.

I, John Hamilton, am applying for the public informational officer position, to help my school broaden, not only my knowledge, but also the students that attend CPCC about the many services that CPCC has to offer and programs they can attend. I’ve been with the SGA before in my first semester and have met many of the officers and have enjoyed the different events that have taken part because of the SGA. I’m also active in other activities in school such as the Man-Up program and as a volunteer at the CMC hospital. I look forward to helping my fellow students broaden their knowledge about new events, school information as well as community information and help by giving good and creative ideas for SGA.