2013-2014 SGA Officers

The following students have been elected to SGA Executive Committee positions for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Read below to learn more about each student, see why they're running and to read their platform statement.

PresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurerPublic Information Officer
Anza Abbas Hiba Siraj Raven Gaiten OPEN Hunter Benson

President: Anza Abbas

My name is Anza Abbas, and I am originally from Pakistan. I am currently working on my second semester in the Associate in Arts degree program. My plan is to transfer to a four-year university after graduating in Spring 2014. During the two semesters I have spent at CPCC, I have been able to take many opportunities to become involved on campus. I started as a senator at Central Campus in my first semester, and was eventually elected as the Senate Chair by the end of the semester for the rest of the academic year.  As the Senate Chair, I was given some responsibilities that helped my hidden abilities emerge and develop. Throughout the year, I actively volunteered in events like Fall Fest, PTK Induction Ceremony and MLK Challenge. I also volunteered to help different communities during the Alternative Spring Break in Atlanta. Volunteering in these events exposed me to various kinds of people and broadened my horizons of the world. I also spent an intensive weekend in Camp Cheerio at the Student Leadership Academy in Spring 2013. This weekend helped me identify the strengths that I possess, and exposed the enthusiastic leader inside me that is capable of using those strengths appropriately.

Apart from my involvement on campus, I have been able to maintain good grades. Ever since my involvement in SGA, I have gained exposure of the world that I was unaware of. Analyzing those experiences has brought me to the conclusion that we all come across challenges everyday, but most of us don’t believe in our abilities to face them. I believe that if we know the true arts of communication and coordination with others, we can make any change we want with the support of the people around us.

I am confident that I possess this art and I can use it to motivate other students in making their stressful journeys easier by altering their negative approaches to problems. I want to take on the responsibilities of the SGA President at CPCC and I wish to develop a family of clubs and organizations on campus that can realistically accept the challenges of the world and learn to foster flexibility and professionalism.

Vice President: Hiba Siraj

My name is Hiba Siraj, and I am originally from Pakistan.  I was brought up there and moved to United States in 2010. I completed my senior year of high school in Charlotte, and participated in the Summer Bridge Program at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC). I am currently enrolled in Associates of Science program as a Biology major, and I will be transferring to UNCC after I graduate next year.

During my first semester at CPCC, I made sure I get involved as much as possible.  I joined Student Government Association as a Representative and got to know amazing people. It has given me opportunities to improve my self-confidence and polish my communication skills, which I intend to use and help my fellow students to get involved in college activities, utilize all the sources and opportunities the College has to offer. SGA is special; it is run by students and is completely about the students.  Being a part of SGA has been very rewarding experience, but I am seeking to expand my experience to serve as a Vice President. Being the VP of SGA is a great opportunity to connect with the students who are involved in many clubs at CPCC. This will provide me a great opportunity to make a difference, and it is my goal to make a difference at CPCC. I would work whole-heartedly and to the best of my ability to improve student life.




    Secretary: Raven Gaiten

    My name is Raven Trenea Gaiten. I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m currently attending Central Piedmont Community College to receive my associate in science then transfer to a four year college to major in medicine.I began attending CPCC in August 2012. My first semester at CPCC I did well in my classes which gave me the opportunity to become a member of Phi Theta Kappa. I am a well-rounded person. I love to meet new people and lend a helping hand, but at the same time I always stay focused on my school work. My goals while attending CPCC are maintaining a 3.5 or higher, getting involved in my school and community. That’s why I want to become the secretary for SGA. I have the qualities to become the secretary for SGA because I reach out to my fellow CPCC students. I have a bright, vibrant, and positive attitude at all times. I am consistent, and I have great time management skills. SGA is an excellent way to be involved and to learn new things about your campus. While being a part of the SGA gives me the opportunity to utilize my voice so that I can help in any way that I can and encourage others on campus to keep going forward with their career no matter how hard it maybe. I want others to know that I want them to succeed and with hard work and dedication you can achieve anything. I believe that I can share my stories of my many obstacles and empower others that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I also want the students on CPCC campus to not just be active in their learning, but in school activities as well. There is an abundance of organizations and clubs that are available to join so that they could get involved.

    Public Information Officer: Hunter Benson

    My name is Hunter Benson and I am applying for the Public Information Officer position with the Student Government Association. As an already active member of SGA, I hope to broaden my involvement with the student body as the Public Information Officer. I have a strong desire to motivate and encourage my fellow student counterparts in any way possible.  I believe that one of the most important roles, as a member of any student organization, is making sure all students are aware of any and all opportunities that may benefit them, both short and long term (such as Career Fairs/Scholarships/Events, etc.). There are so many kinds of opportunity that go unanswered simply due to a student not being aware. My main objective as Public Information Officer will be to make sure all students are equipped with the necessary information to excel and prosper at Central Piedmont Community College. I also will establish a strong line of communication among all student organizations at CPCC in order to keep the harmonious spirit thriving on campus. Please consider my past involvements at Spring Fest, CATS Appreciation, Career Fair and SGA Elections as evidence of my intentions. Thank you for your time and consideration.