Campus Ministry

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Campus Ministry groups offer students opportunities to make new friends who are also seeking to grow in faith. It is an inviting opportunity where you can find support and encouragement as you work to meet your educational goals.

Campus Ministry groups listed below are not supported by college or state funds, but rather supported by external affiliations. These groups have completed the necessary orientation and registration from the Office of Student Life. If you have questions, please contact Amanda Capobianchi.


Believers' Love World (BLW)

Believers' Loveworld is dedicated to helping each student discover who they are and the potential that lies within them.  Our vision is to bring God's divine presence to the people of the world, and to demonstrate the character of the Holy Spirit.  In doing so, we teach students how to put the Word of God to work in their lives, and we seek to inspire every individual to achieve the success they desire through acting on their faith.  Join us as we impact our world with the love of Christ.

  • Contact: Dianna Stafford
  • This groups meets once a week on Central Campus. Location and time TBD.

Cooperative Christian Ministry

Our mission is to inspire students to make a world of difference by being a Christ-centered and loving campus ministry. We aim to provide spiritual formation and introduce the students to the wider ecumenical work and ministry of the church.

  • Contact: Michael Baldonado
  • This group meets informally in the Time Warner Student Commons (Overcash Building on Central Campus), Thursdays, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.


    Unity in Diversity

    Unity in Diversity brings together students from all different religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds to discuss university spiritual concepts and collaborate to apply them to our lives through service in our communities.  This campus ministry is inspired and supported by the Baha'i Faith, which believes in the oneness of all religions, people and of one God.

    • Contact: Nabil Elias
    • This group meets on Central Campus one a week.  Date and time is TBD.


    University Hills College Ministry

    We are all about Jesus and relationships!  We want to help students know, enjoy, and follow Jesus through building relationships and studying the Bible!  We want to help students grow in their relationship with each other by providing opportunities to hang out and bless the campus throughout the week!

    • Contact: Bo Riley
    • This group meets on Cato Campus one a week.  Date and time TBD.


        Other groups may be added to this list at varied times throughout the semester.