NAVIG8TOR is Student Life's newest Student Success program, designed solely to get you to the places on our campuses that are critical to your success as a student. Perhaps you've heard about free tutoring on our campuses, but don't know where they are? With NAVIG8TOR, we help you discover those locations, so you can see for yourself how each service can help you.

Where can I get my NAVIG8TOR card?

  • Central Campus: Student Life, First Year Experience, the Library, or any other participating departments.
  • Levine Campus: Student Life, Student Success Center, the Library,Tutoring & Testing Center, Computer Labs, and Financial Aid.
  • Harper Campus: Student Life, Front Registration Desk, and the Library.
  • Cato Campus: Student Life, Student Success Desk

Right now, you can participate at Central, Cato, Levine & Harper Campuses. **Coming soon! Merancas

What do I do with my NAVIG8TOR card?

Each campus may have SLIGHTLY different directions and campus check-in locations, so please pay close attention to the directions on your card. Check-in locations will be listed on each campus card as well as instructions for what to do with your card once you've completed the required stops. Be sure to complete the survey/evaluation to be eligible for great prizes!

Don't forget to take the survey!

A key piece to NAVIG8TOR is the survey after you're finished. Taking the survey helps us to understand your experience and your visits, and will help you reflect on what you learned. It's also the only way to be eligible for prizes! Your NAVIG8TOR card indicates where and how you'll have access to the survey once you're finished. Talk to staff in Student Life if you have questions about completing the survey.