EXPLORE: Student Organizations


Find a club to join (list below!), or talk to the Student Life representative on your campus to join Student Government Association, attend an event, or get involved at your campus.

For more information on the club, meeting times, or to ask to join, please email the advisor listed with that club. For events and activities happening on all campuses, please refer to the Student Life Calendar (also available on the CPCC phone app). Unless otherwise noted, clubs are housed at Central Campus.

If you have questions about any student organization, please contact the Office of Student Life or clubs@cpcc.edu.


Academic/Vocational Student Organizations

Student organizations with an academic focus tend to revolved their organizations around a particular area of study.  This can allow student organization members to gain additional experience in their academic or vocational field.

Competitive Curricular Focus

Student organizations with a competitive focus, tend to focus in different events with other student organizations.  These student organizations may be academic or vocational in nature, but tend to compete more often in various competitions.

Special Interests Student Organizations

Student organizations that are special interest tend to come together to share a common interest.

Though we do our best to make sure that accurate information is available to students about clubs, please understand that not every student organization is active every semester. If students who were in leadership roles in previous semesters have transferred away from Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), some student organizations may not continue to be active.


American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

  • Contact Travis Smith or Melanie Reddrick
  • This group of students comes together for special projects and events and often meets with successful architects in the community. Often AIAS sponsors field trips to nationally recognized monuments and buildings.


American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) (Harper Campus)

  • Contact: Rodney Stephens or Rand Ernst
  • The NC Student Chapter of ASNT works to provide a forum of exchange of NDE technical information; to provide supplemental training and service opportunities for the members; to prepare members for industry sanctioned qualified examinations; promotes NDE as a career choice; and pursue community service activities. They are housed at the Harper Campus.


American Welding Society (AWS) (Harper Campus)

  • Contact: Ray Sosko or Brian Lucas
  • This student organization is housed at the Harper Campus and includes students currently enrolled in the Welding certificate and/or degree programs. They often participate in community service work and have competed in local and regional welding competitions. Welding Club enhances awareness of the art and science of welding and how it affects our daily lives.


Association of General Contractors Student Chapter (AGC) (Harper Campus)

  • Contact: George Wightman or Alan Beane
  • The purpose of the AGC Student Chapter is to build a sense of community within the Construction Technologies division at CPCC and to advance the knowledge of its members in the field of construction management and related occupations.


Association of Nursing Students (ANS)

  • Contacts: Melanie Colson or Kelly Wright
  • The Association of Nursing Students (ANS) promotes participation in community and legislative affairs, related to the profession of nursing. Members are current students in the Christa A. Overcash school of Nursing. All nursing students are encouraged to join the ANS.


Baking & Pastry Arts Club (BPA) (Harris Campus)

  • Contact: Jennifer Cubillos
  • This student organization includes students in the Baking & Pastry Arts degree program and is housed at the Harris Campus. This group actively raises funds for trips around the world, has their own on-campus business, and learns about current baking methods & techniques.


Black & Tans (Harper Campus)

  • Contacts: John McPherson
  • This student organization is an off-shoot of the CPCC AWS Welding Club and studies the art of blacksmithing. This student organization is housed at the Harper Campus.


Cardiovascular Technology Student Association


Clay Bodies

  • Contact: Paula Smith
  • Clay Bodies promotes student understanding of the aesthetic, technical, and historical aspects of the ceramic arts through field trips, lectures, and workshops.


Cosmetic Arts and Sciences Association (CASA)

  • Contact: Melissa Alatsis or Catherine Cunningham
  • CASA is comprised of Cosmetology students who are developing knowledge and skills needed to earn a degree and sit for the NC State Board of Cosmetic Arts Licensing Exam.  CASA is involved in charitable events associated with CPCC and activities that help support and grow the Cosmetology program.  CASA is housed at the Cosmetology campus.


Criminal Justice Association (Merancas Campus)

  • Contact: AnneMarie Garmon
  • The objective of the Criminal Justice Association shall be to honor moral and ethical values; encourage leadership education students and the public about today's Criminal Justice system, and provide learning opportunities in the areas of law Enforcement, Courts, Correction and other Criminal Justice areas.


Culinary Club and Culinary Competition

  • Contacts: Chef Dan Cheatham or Chef Robert Marilla
  • To promote fellowship among Culinary and Hospitality students by exchanging professional information about the field and strengthening the bond of friendship and understanding between members.


Cytotechnology Student Association (CSA)

  • Contact: Kim Kaylor or Danielle Hensley
  • The Cytotechnology Student Association is comprised of Cytotechnology students, practicing Cytotechnologists, and Pathologists. The CSA strives to educate the community on health issues related to the field of cytology as well as promote the profession of Cytotechnology at the local, state, and national levels.


Dental Assisting Student Association (DASA) (Harris Campus)

  • Contacts: Tracy Hagen
  • Dental Assisting Student Association (DASA) promotes student involvement in school activities, supports student travel to workshops and conventions, and works to increase awareness of the profession. They are housed at the Harris Campus. Contact the program (advisor position currently open).


Dental Hygiene Club (Freshman & Senior)

  • First-year students should contact Brenda Sanner and second-year students should contact Eileen Clark.
  • Dental Hygiene Club works to generate public awareness of dental health needs and confidence in the profession by promoting professional attitudes; sponsors travel to professional conferences. .


Early Childhood Education Club (Harris Campus)

  • Contacts: Kristi Godfrey-Hurrell or Christine Sargeant
  • Early Childhood Club encourages professional growth and involvement of its members in a variety of endeavors within the early childhood education field. Members participate in local and state early childhood activities and network with other early childhood professionals and organizations in the area. The club sponsors various social and community service projects and requires members to do three hours of community service each semester. The group is housed at the Harris Campus.


    Electrical Systems Society

    • The Electrical Systems Society is for an organization for students in CPCC’s Electrical Program.  Their goal is to prepare the upcoming generation of skilled tradespeople for the challenges of the modern electrical work environment, provide opportunities for leadership development and student participation in upcoming CPCC events, and to give back to the community through volunteer service learning.


    Future Respiratory Therapists

    • Contact: Charley Starnes
    • Future Respiratory Therapists promotes awareness of the profession and encourages membership in the national professional organization, American Association for Respiratory Care.


    Horticulture Club

    • Contact: Find facilitators in the Cato Campus Greenhouse.
    • This club is housed at CPCC's Cato Campus and includes students currently in the Horticulture academic program. They host two large plant sales each year.


    HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America)

    • Contacts: Karen Summers
    • HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) invites students interested in any of our health career programs. This group actively promotes participation in community service events while working to build confidence in the profession by aiding in the development of leadership skills. Members are given the opportunity to compete in state and national events. We welcome new club members.


    Human Services Technology Club

    • Contact: Hontah Epps
    • Human Services Technology Club empowers and motivates students toward realization of their fullest potential and provides opportunities for them to share their talents within the Human Services network.


    HVAC/R Club (Harper Campus)

    • Contact: Mark Paterno
    • The HVAC/R Club is a student-based service organization whose main goal is assisting members in their pursuit of educational and professional goals. The club promotes ideals of honesty, community service, leadership, critical thinking, and technical skills development in addition to providing many opportunities for networking, skills enhancement, and life-long learning.


    iASL (Cato Campus)

    • Contact: Ginger Leon
    • The iASL Club provides an outlet through which students in the Interpreter Training program can come together to meet each other for educational benefits and for social events with the Deaf community. They are housed at CPCC's Cato Campus.


    Mu Alpha Theta (MAT)

    • Contact: Cao Nyguen
    • The purpose of this organization is to promote scholarship in, and enjoyment and understanding of, mathematics among CPCC students, as well as to provide service to the community.

    Metal Arts Club

    • Contact: Terry Galante
    • The Metal Arts Club exists to maintain a constant awareness of metal arts, both current and historical; and to facilitate appreciation of metal arts in general.


    National Technical Honor Society (Harper Campus)

    • Contact: Anita McGill or Amber Shannon
    • The NTHS is a prestigious organization for students with outstanding academic performance in a technical field. In order to be eligible for membership, you must have completed 12 credit hours of college-level work at CPCC, have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a 3.25 program GPA, and be a currently registered student in a Harper Campus technical program. Invitations for membership are sent to students' CPCC e-mail accounts at the beginning of every fall and spring semester.


    Paralegal Society of Central Piedmont Community College (Cato Campus)

    • Contact: Lindsay Willis
    • The Paralegal Society is for paralegal students to enhance their educational experience by networking, enriching minds, and becoming involved in the community through service activities. Club members will do this by giving them hands on experience, connecting them with society, and becoming a paralegal.


    Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

    • Contacts: Beau Bowers or Jennifer Conway
    • Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the international honor society for two-year colleges. In order to be eligible for membership, you must have completed 12 credit hours of college-level work at CPCC, have a 3.5 GPA, and be currently registered as a CPCC student. Invitations for membership typically in September and February and inductions are typically in November and April.


    Phoenix Challenge Team (Harper Campus)

    • Contact: Amber Dobbins
    • This club is housed at the Harper Campus and includes students who are enrolled in the Graphic Arts Imaging Technology program. This club was established to promote skill development through teamwork and camaraderie, to provide service to the College and community, and to build networking relationships throughout the printing industry. We welcome new club members.


    Psi Beta

    • Contact: Jennifer Hejazi or Deninne Pritchett
    • Psi Beta is the honor society for community college students in Psychology. This group also holds regular meetings and often plans campus events, conferences, etc.


    Sociology/Psychology Association (SPA) (Levine Campus)

    • Contact: Elisha McDonald or Mike Bossick
    • SPA provides an opportunity for students interested in Sociology and Psychology to come together and further their interest. This student organization also works closely with the Sociology and Psychology departments at UNCC.

    Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

    • Contact: Megan Leach McCann or Jacqueline Mayo
    • SOTA is a national organization that is open to all students at CPCC enrolled in the OTA program.  SOTA is an organization designed to promote the knowledge and interest in the field of occupational therapy throughout the community and to promote the professional growth of students through extracurricular activities and fundraising.  We focus on promoting the objectives of the American occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and the North Carolina Occupational Therapy Association (NCOTA).

    Surgical Technology

    • Contact: Mel Angelisanti
    • The purpose of this association is to establish and promote an atmosphere conducive to optimum learning and career preparation based on a sense of tradition, camaraderie and teamwork encompassing all students currently enrolled in the Surgical Technology program.

    theCurious (Advertising + Graphic Design) (Harper Campus)

    • Contacts: Brittany Holleran or Kenn Compton
    • A+GD, "The Curious," is the professional association for design, which is “committed to advancing design as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force.” The CPCC A+GD Student Group’s meetings and activities are held on the Harper Campus. Annual dues include membership in the national organization. Activities include guest speakers, design-related field trips, portfolio enhancing activities and the opportunity to network with local professionals.


    TRiO Club

    • Contact: Beth Smedley or Andrea Tripple
    • The purpose of TRiO Club is to integrate the talents and energy of current TRiO-SSS students and recent alumni to support and serve the College and the TRiO-SSS program and its participants.


    Turf Grass Management

    • Contact: John Royals
    • This group meets at Cato Campus and are students interested in maintaining beautiful greens.


    Visual Arts Club

    • Contact: Megan Lynch or Isaac Payne
    • Visual Arts Club enhances appreciation of the visual arts by sponsoring campus exhibits and activities, field trips, and visiting artists.




      • Contact: Mike Grier or Alexander Pineres
      • Enactus is an international non-profit organization active on more than 1,400 university campuses in 48 countries. Enactus teams create economic opportunities in their communities by organizing outreach projects that focuses on: market economics, entrepreneurship, personal financial success skills, and business ethics.


      Model United Nations (also Model UN or MUN) (Central and Levine Campus)

      • Contact Teresa Hall (Central Campus) or Camelia Taheri (Levine Campus)
      • Model United Nations is a student organization that aims to educate student about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. Students role-play as diplomats representing a nation in a simulated session of the United Nations, such as the Security Council or the General Assembly. Student research a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems.


      International Game Developers Association- Academic (IGDA Academic)

      • Contacts: Perry Courter or Michael Pliaconis
      • This group of students consists of students interested in computers and computer programming. This group participates in national and regional competitions with other college students and are often volunteers in the community, providing their expert skills to local non-profits and schools.


      Skills USA - Automotive

      • Contact: Casey Smith
      • This group works to enhance members' skill set through extra curricular activities designed to advance automotive diagnostic and repair expertise.



      African Student Association

      • Contact: Loretta Evivie or Tony Emetu
      • This student organization celebrates the history and culture of Africa with students representing many African countries.


      Central Piedmont Historical Association (Cato Campus)

      • Contact: Hugh Dussek
      • This student organization is a group of students who enjoy learning about history.  The club offers hands on opportunities to get involved in historical research and interactive types of historic field trips, movies, presentations and service opportunities.


      CPCC Volleyball Club

      • Contact: Justin Knoll
      • This student organization provides a platform for camaraderie in the college community through a common interest and shared passion for the sport of volleyball.

      College Democrats of CPCC (Levine Campus)

      • Contact: Nathan Wood or Sheri Khan
      • The College Democrats of CPCC looks to engage students about politics and the world around around them, discussing democratic ideals and to encourage civic responsibility.


      Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC)

      • Contact: DeAn White or Jeffrey King
      • The Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) is an organization for students who are in recovery from addictive disorders including alcohol, drugs and eating disorders. Students can engage with and seek support from students fighting the same battles, as well as have access to supportive faculty and staff members on our campus. The organization is designed to assist students with any struggles they may have in maintaining sobriety while being a successful college student.


      Communities in College

      • Contact: Timothy Graham
      • This student organization serves as CPCC's link to Communities in Schools. Students involved in Communities in College were involved with Communities in Schools while in high school. They work to connect to current CIS students and provide a link to support their successful transition to CPCC. For more information-click here: Communities in College


        Creative Writing Club (SWAG-Student Writers Assembled Guild) (Levine Campus)

        • Contact: Elizabeth West
        • SWAG is an open creative writing club that is housed at Levine Campus, where writers of any type or ability come together, hear works by other students, participate in helpful criticism, and grow their art through creative writing prompts and discussions.  Any CPCC student is welcome to join in meetings, visit their website for a schedule.


        Drama Club

        • Contacts: Tom Hollis
        • This club provides an environment for current CPCC students that encourages; artistic growth, education of Art and the Art Industry, and supply other avenues to show and share artistic works of current CPCC Students. Provide activities and services that enhance positive relationships among students, the College and the community.


        Environment And Recreation Through Habitats (EARTH)

        • Contact: Matt Miller
        • An outdoor exploration club to inspire and appreciate interests in sustainability and the environment.


        German Club

        • Contact: Daniela Weinert
        • The purpose of the German Club is to promote the German language and culture as well as cultural awareness.  Its other aims include making students aware of study abroad opportunities, stimulate interest in German, and collaborating with other cultural organizations to provide a more complete global consciousness at CPCC and in the community.


        Girls in Games (GiG)

        • Contact: Ellen Makkas or Farhad Javidi
        • GiG's purpose is to help promote female presence in technology and the game development industry respectively. This student organization will offer a safe community to connect and discuss topics of related and common interests, and become a resource for advancement opportunities and self-development for the game development industry.


          Global Student Association

          • Contact: Nadine Russell or Julie Grahl or Jessica Vang
          • The Global Student Association is a group of students who learn about and celebrate different cultures. GSA appreciates different languages and ways of doing things by participating in multi-cultural events and supporting students who want study abroad. GSA also creates a sense of unity among international students and those interested in other cultures.


          Japanese Culture Club (Levine Campus)

          • Contact: Wen Yen
          • The Japanese Culture Club addresses Japanese culture through a popular media called anime, also known as animation. Through the club, members will experience the different drawing styles and explore a different style of entertainment.



          • Contact: Retha Hall
          • The purpose of this organization is to spread joy, creativity, history, and culture of Asian animations with current CPCC students.

          Peer Mentor Association

          • Contact: April Wright
          • This student organization supports the peer mentoring efforts of first-year students to CPCC. They work closely with staff in CPCC's First Year Experience office and help support new students by providing information and guidance and also work to support other efforts in this area.


          Positive Communities for Women (PCW)

          • Contact: Vianka Martinez-Nunez or Tracey Questell
          • The purpose of PCW is to bring women of CPCC together to empower, encourage, educate and to grow with each other.  It is a place to meet and uplift other women, support one another and have a great time.

          Reach Out (Levine Campus)

          • Contact: Cassandra Loftin
          • Reach Out is a Christian group, led by CPCC students that gathers together to fellowship, grow, network and impact the community through meetings, worship, Bible studies and outreach activities. We welcome you to join us as we serve God and aspire to answer His call. This student organization meets at Levine Campus.


          Rotaract Club (All Campuses)

          • Complete information found here on Rotaract's website
          • Contact for Central Campus: Jenn Marts
          • Contact for Levine & Harper Campuses: Lindsey Graves
          • Contact for Harris & Cato Campuses: Lauren Estes
          • Contact for Merancas Campus: Elizabeth Fetzer
          • This group shares a common interest in serving their community and works to raise interest and awareness in CPCC sponsored service activities like Service in Action! events, Alternative Spring Break and the MLK Challenge.


          Soccer Club

          • Contact: Justin Knoll
          • The Soccer Club is a diverse group of CPCC students who come together through soccer. These Soccer Friendlies meet at Central Campus to play and watch soccer.


          Pride Alliance (formerly "Spectrum") Club

          • Contact: Christy Case or Jessi Morton
          • The Pride Alliance Club was established to provide a sense of community and support for LGBTQ+ students and their allies at CPCC. Pride Alliance holds weekly meetings during the Fall and Spring semesters as well as hosts or participates in  other social events to give students a chance to meet new friends in a safe, positive environment. Pride Alliance also promotes giving back to the community through service and outreach projects. Pride Alliance values diversity and welcomes any CPCC student who would like to be a part of a great club. For more information, please visit our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/CPCCPrideAlliance/


          Student Veterans Club (Central Campus)

          • Contact: clubs@cpcc.edu
          • CPCC Student Veterans Council is an organization where active duty or student veterans of all military branches can get together, provide support to one another, and assist community organizations to improve the welfare of veterans attending CPCC or in our community.