STARS Service Learning

Join the STARS Service Learning Community

Learning new programming and technical concepts can be a challenge at times. The STARS Service Learning Community was created to help Information Technology and Computing students at CPCC address some of those challenges.

We encourage you to join our STARS Service Learning Community to build a network of support among students with similar educational and career goals! The intent is to build a community of learners who support each other in a supportive learning environment.In addition, students make a connection to their instructors, who collaborate their course content and track student progress.

Join the IT STARS Learning community to:

  • Prepare to TRANSFER into a 4-year IT and Computing  program
  • Become involved in an ongoing community project
  • Design and implement your own IT and Computing project
  • Enhance your leadership, teamwork, and technical skills

Fall 2013 Service Learning Course

C++ (CSC 134)

  • CSC 134 includes a grade-related service-learning component.  Students will fulfill that requirement by completing a minimum of 10 hours of service with STARS projects.

Contact: with questions.