Student Requirements


Students need to follow these steps:
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1. Ask your Sponsor to prepare a Sponsor Authorization Letter and submit it to the Sponsored Programs office. We cannot process your registration without the letter from your Sponsor.

  • Sponsor Authorization Letters may be submitted by email or fax. Please allow two business days processing time.
  • Your Sponsor may also be required to submit additional materials to our office; see Sponsor Requirements for more details.
  • It is the student's responsibility to make sure the Sponsor Program Office receives the letter (and any other required materials) from the Sponsor before the payment due date. Sponsored students should plan accordingly and allow two business days processing time.

2. If you are an International Student and your employer is sponsoring you through our Sponsored Programs, you must provide the Sponsor Program office with a copy of your work permit and a recent original pay stub. (CPCC must have these in order to invoice your sponsoring employer.)

3. Register for classes.  We cannot process registrations if we have not received the authorization letter from your sponsor – see Step 1 above.

4. Pay any amounts not covered by your sponsor when you register.

  • If you must pay a portion of your tuition and fees (perhaps your sponsor only authorized a certain amount or you may be taking a class that is not being paid by your sponsor), you may pay the remaining balance online or at any CPCC Cashier office.
  • Books, if authorized, can be charged to your sponsor or scholarship beginning two weeks before the semester starts.
  • Be aware that if your sponsoring agency does not remit payment in full, you will be responsible for all amounts owed.
  • All registrations must be paid or secured by the payment due date.
  • Any registrations not secured by the due date will be automatically dropped from the system.

For questions or additional information, please see our FAQ or contact us.