Sponsor Requirements


Sponsor Requirements

Private sponsorships (those not publicly funded) will only be accepted for a minimum of five students or where covered tuition and fees will total at least $3,000 for the semester. Sponsors wishing to pay for less than five students or for a total sponsorship of less than $3,000 will be required to pay at the time of registration.  To obtain the in-state rate for employees of North Carolina companies, the student will need to be employed by the company for at least one year. The student will need to submit two most recent original paystubs, a letter on company letterhead verifying continued employment and intent to pay for tuition/fees, and a copy of the employer's most recent NCUI101- Quarterly Tax and Wage Report with employee listed.  CPCC will send the company an itemized invoice following the drop/add period. A company check is required for payment.  Company credit cards may also be used but must be presented in person at a CPCC Cashiering Office.  Cash and/or personal checks are not valid forms of payment for these types of transactions.

What to Submit
Authorization on company letterhead must include the following information:

  • students' names
  • students' CPCC Student ID number
  • sponsor’s billing address
  • sponsor’s contact name
  • sponsor’s phone number
  • list of charges sponsor will cover
  • semester sponsor is paying for
  • any limits on amounts allowed


The sponsor must then submit this information to the Sponsored Programs Office by email or fax. A new letter is required every semester. 

When to Submit
The Sponsored Programs Office must receive documentation no later than two days before the student registers for classes. If complete documentation is not received and the student registers for classes, these classes can be dropped for non-payment.  

If you are sponsoring students for more than one semester, please submit a new letter of authorization every semester.

Invoicing & Payment
Sponsors are invoiced approximately four weeks after the semester begins. Sponsor invoices must be paid with company checks (personal checks are not acceptable) or business credit card (if you are using a business credit card, you must come to the Levine Campus Cashiering office to verify that a business credit card is being used). Invoices must be paid by the date indicated.  Please note that student sponsorship is a guarantee of payment for all authorized tuition and fees.  CPCC will reduce the sponsor invoice by the applicable refund amount if a student drops within the refund period (75% of tuition only), but no amounts are credited for classes dropped after the refund period is over.  If student(s) drop or terminate employment during the semester, the sponsor will remain liable for any charges previously authorized.

In-State Rates
NC Employers and State Agencies may qualify to be invoiced at the in-state rate:

  • To receive the in-state rate, the sponsor must be the student's employer and a North Carolina company
  • Employment must be verifiable with an original paystub showing North Carolina state taxes paid
  • Volunteers and contract workers are not considered employees for invoicing purposes


Non-profit Entities
If the sponsor is a non-profit entity, they must adhere to the Sponsor Requirements for Non-Profit Entities.

For questions or additional information, please see our FAQ or contact us.