TAA/WIA/Vocational Rehabilitation (non-military) Sponsors

For WIA/TAA/Vocational Rehabilitation sponsorship:

It is highly recommended that the sponsor contact the sponsor desk before the classes are registered for so that the classes will not drop for non-payment.

The student registers for classes.

The student requests a registration statement from the Sponsor Desk that is then forwarded to the training coordinator.

After receiving notification from the training coordinator that the student will be covered, the student’s account will be placed on “hold” so that the classes will not drop while we await a voucher.

The training coordinator submits voucher in the amount of the covered courses.

This voucher is applied to the student’s account and, if applicable, the student will purchases books from the CPCC bookstore on their student account.

After the add/drop period has ended and bookstore invoices are received from Barnes and Noble, the sponsor will receive an invoice.