Walk a Mile in My Shoes offers chance to experience disabilities

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On October 3rd and 4th there will be many students using crutches, a wheelchair or being escorted around Central Campus blindfolded. You might also see students with an arm in a sling, using a cane, or someone who doesn't hear you when you call their name.

Those students will be participating in an event called "Walk a Mile in My Shoes," a disability awareness event where students, faculty and staff take a few hours to simulate what it would be like to live with a physical disability. The goal of the event is to increase awareness and make people more comfortable with asking questions instead of staring or making assumptions.

As a part of the simulation, participants are assigned a particular disability such as vision or hearing loss, lower limb amputation, stroke, or various physical challenges that would require the use of crutches or a wheelchair. Students then go to class and participate in their usual routine while experiencing the disability.

Simulation--Central Campus, Oct. 3 9am-12:30pm in front of Belk
Simulation--Central Campus, Oct. 4 9am-12:30pm in front of Belk
Discussion Luncheon--Central Campus, Oct. 5 Noon-1:30pm IT 2120
Simulation & Luncheon--Levine Campus, Oct. 19 9:30-12:30pm Levine Campus

Participants will come away with a greater understanding of how difficult it is to navigate the world we live in. Steps, hills, heavy doors, small parking spaces, narrow or obstructed walkways, tall counters, cramped public bathrooms, faucets or sinks out of reach and uneven pavement are all challenges that people with disabilities face everyday and Walk a Mile is just a taste of these challenges.   

Participants will be fitted with equipment and escorted around campus by students in the Physical Therapy Assistants program, so it is a learning opportunity for everyone involved. This is the second year in a row that Disability Services, Physical Therapy Assistants, Student Life and the Developmental Disability program has sponsored this event.

For more information, please contact Disability Services at 704.330.6621.