Trolleys return to CPCC

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Construction to remove the trolly tracks on Elizabeth Ave.

Notice the displaced trolley track segments in the excavated area. Trolleys will return in about three years.

The following is from "CPCC: The First Thirty Years by Carol Timblin"

Construction began in 1982 and was completed the following year. It was viewed with much historical interest. Trolley ties and spikes were dug up and collected for posterity, and older residents recalled the days of riding the trolley up and down Elizabeth Avenue. The project was considered complete when CPCC horticulture students participated in a tree-planting ceremony. Bradford pear trees and flowers, provided by the city, were placed in the median. Since then, more than a decade of springtimes has passed, and the flowers remain something of a symbol of the students who had a hand in changing and beautifying their environment.