Student Government Association seeking new members

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By: Kia Moore
 2006-07 SGA Public Information Officer

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization made up of students which support the student body. SGA is the link between the student body and the executive levels of administration at CPCC. If students have a concern, issue, or idea dealing with CPCC, they can turn to SGA for input. SGA can point those students to the appropriate channels to make results happen.

SGA also focuses on student interests. The Programming Board wants to know the students likes and dislikes so programs and events can reflect that. The members of SGA want to be in with the students and to promote their interests.

SGA does not only support the student body, it also supports student clubs. It does so by distributing funds to support club activities and staying abreast of club activities through monthly reports.

SGA is not an organization just to hear about or talk about, it is one to get involved in. You get to network and meet new people, learn about yourself, and gain new skills. SGA is an organization were strong bonds between people can be born. If this sounds like something you could see yourself associated with, go online and visit the SGA website and apply for a senator or representative position. You can also pick up an application on any of the area campus Student Life offices.