Student email moves to Google system

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CPCC migrated the student email system to Google's Gmail. This partnership will leverage the next wave of online tools provided through industry leader Google.

New Google email will:
--provide 2GB storage
--use familiar interface – GMAIL
--require your CPCC Login usernname and password 

Move to Google:
--provides the best technology experience for you
--improves email system
--improves quality of the email experience
--gives students lifetime email addresses
--migrates existing student email box and contacts
--makes Gmail the College’s official means of communicating to students
--Access to the system will still require the use of a CPCC Login username and password. Students will retain their email address as

To learn more about Gmail, please visit For more information on this or any other college technology service, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 704.330.5000, or via email at