Request a Page or Blog

request a social media pageSocial media is an exciting way to reach your audience and it’s a crucial part of the college’s communications mix. Before we get started, please review and understand our social media guidelines. We have created these guidelines to ensure we aware of employees’ and students’ uses of Internet communications tools as they relate to the college, and to enable us to better monitor CPCC’s presence on the Web.


Employees may request the creation of a new blog by emailing details to the ITS Help Desk. Before doing so, employees are encouraged to first review and understand the college Internet communication guidelines.


Have content ideas or perhaps a photo/video you'd like to see promoted? Send them to with a detailed caption.


  1. Utilize the college’s existing social media sites consistently for at least two months.
  2. Read and understand the college’s social media guidelines.
  3. Contact to request a new social media page. We will hear your reasoning to create a new site and determine what is your best option.

    Note: Only Blackboard and Moodle may be used for classroom management. ITS and the Office of Communications, Marketing & Public Relations will conduct an annual verification of all sites, and the college reserves the right to shut down any college-related site. If you have an existing site, we ask that you register or take down your site within one semester. This will ensure we have an accurate record of all CPCC-related sites.