Creating a New Social Media Community


Thank you for your interest in establishing a social media presence for your department, area or organization at CPCC. Social media is an exciting way to reach your audience and it’s a crucial part of the College’s communications mix.

Please take the time to review and understand CPCC’s Internet Communications Guidelines. We have created these guidelines and this form to ensure we aware of its employees’ and students’ uses of Internet communications tools as they relate to the College, and to enable us to better monitor CPCC’s presence on the Internet.

Please be aware that the College currently has an official presences on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTubeGoogle+, Vine, Tumblr and Pinterest. We encourage you to explore and utilize those options before requesting your own.

Please forward any information you’d like included on those sites to Any department, area or organization of the College wanting to start a new site will need to utilize the College’s existing sites for at least one semester. While social media can be extremely valuable, it is not applicable to all areas and can be a burden to maintain. The Community Relations & Marketing Services (CRMS) department is equipped to handle your needs, and you may find you can accomplish your goals without a unique site.


The first step in establishing or registering a site is to meet with your CPCC account coordinator in CRMS. If you don’t know who your account coordinator is, you can email or call 704.330.6666. Your account coordinator will help you determine if you need a unique site, and if so, will help you navigate the processes of establishing and registering a page.

Please note that only Blackboard and Moodle may be used for classroom management, and no social media sites will be established below the division level. All sites must follow the CPCC Internet Communications Guidelines. ITS will conduct an annual verification of all sites, and the College reserves the right to close down any College-related site.

If you have an existing site, we ask that you register or take down your site within one semester. This will ensure we have an accurate record of all CPCC-related sites.

Before Applying

  • Read and understand the College’s Internet Communications Guidelines.
  • Utilize the College’s existing social media sites for at least one semester.
  • Contact your account coordinator in Community Relations & Marketing Services (CRMS).


Online Application Form

Click here to access and submit the online application form. Please contact the CRMS Social Media team at or 704.330.6666 if you have any questions regarding Internet communications and social media resources at CPCC.