Eligibility & Participation

All participants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for play:

  • All players must be at least 18 years old and a currently registered CPCC curriculum student, enrolled in at least 4 credit hours.
  • Have completed the online registration form
  • Have read and agreed to abide by the CPCC Player Agreement
  • Have a current CPCC student ID card
  • Have a commitment to attend all matches

    Steps to Participation -

    1. Complete the online registration form for CPCC Club Soccer.
    2. Attend any organizational meetings at the beginning of the term. (Students will be notified by staff via email.)
    3. Purchase any other required materials based on league requirements (t-shirts, uniforms, equipment, etc.)


  • Training/Practices - Participants in the Men's 11v11 Competitive team must also participate in the Co-Ed Futsal League, with additional practice time determined by the coach and coordinator. Training days, hours, and start date may vary from one term to the next.
  • Uniforms/Equipment - Please refer to the Player Agreement for additional information about appropriate attire.
      • For the Men's 11v11 Competitive Team: Approximately 25 jerseys are owned by the club and assigned to players each season. Additional players will be asked to contribute a $25 uniform fee, which goes to the purchase of additional jerseys.  All players supply their own SHIN GUARDS and boots.
      • For the Futsal League: students will be required to wear official Futsal t-shirts, provided for students in the beginning of the term. Participants may be asked to pay for these shirts.



    Values and Objectives

    CPCC Club soccer provides the opportunity for members of the college community to nurture their love of the game while improving playing skills and fitness level in an environment of friendly competition.  Values promoted through participation include:

      • Sportsmanship
      • (see FIFA's code of "Fair Play")
      • Leadership Development
      • Teamwork
      • Responsibility
      • Communication

    Player Expectations

    • On-time attendance at all practices and games
    • Sportsmanlike behavior at all practices and games
    • Conduct in all settings befitting a CPCC student representing the club, the College, and the game of soccer.

    Attendance Policy

    Consistent attendance is foundation for accomplishing individual and team goals.  Inconsistent attendance on the part of a single player slows team development, and the ability to achieve the club's values and objectives.

    If a player is unable to attend practice for any reason, they are expected to contact the Coach before practice.

    • Players arriving late may be required to complete missed conditioning activities before joining in the skills portion of the training session.