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Did you know that Single Stop offers free benefits screenings for students?

Benefits screenings are a quick and easy way to see if you and/or your family
is eligible to receive services such as:
- food stamps
- medicaid and medicare
- housing assistance
- and much more!

Once you are aware of benefits that you may qualify for, a Single Stop staff member
will assist you through the entire process, which includes helping you to complete any necessary paperwork
or applications. Your Single Stop Coordinator will follow up with you to ensure you were able to
complete all of the requirements and if benefits were awarded.

Please stop by the Single Stop office on Central Campus in the
Central High Building, room 100 for your free benefits screening today!

If you cant make it to the Single Stop office, you can now do the
benefits screening at home or from any computer with internet access.

To complete a Single Stop screening from your computer, please follow these steps:

1. Please log into my college
2. On the right hand side under Student Services, you will see Single Stop Screener, click on it.
3. The screener will appear and you can get started!

After you complete your screening a Single Stop benefits counselor will call  you to further discuss how we can assist you.