Paying for College


Don’t know how you’re going to pay for college and/or textbooks? At CPCC, we we can help you reduce financial barriers to promote your learning and success. Learn the facts; utilize our tuition calculator, contact a financial aid advisor or visit our bookstore. College CAN be in your future.

Tuition Calculator

You’ve decided you want to live the CPCC experience. Now the question becomes how to pay for your college education. Use the state’s online calculator to learn how you can become a CPCC student.


Our campus bookstores offer affordable options for you to purchase your textbooks, including a book rental program that allows you to buy your required reading materials at a discounted rate.

Cashiering Office

Do you need to pay your tuition, receive a refund or submit a request for a parking decal? Our cashiering team can help.

Financial Aid

We’re committed to providing you with a quality, affordable education; therefore, we offer a variety of financial aid options, including federal Pell Grants and scholarships, to help make the CPCC experience a reality for you.

Veterans Affairs

We have an array of programs and services to help local veterans and their families achieve their academic and personal goals. If you’re a veteran, see how we can provide you with the educational and personal support you need to connect with the many financial resources available to help you fund your education.