America Reads Work-Study Program Information


What is the America Reads Work-Study program?
The America Reads Work-Study program is different from other work-study positions because you will be working off campus. If accepted into the program you will be working at Elizabeth Traditional, where your job will be to tutor children in reading. At the elementary school you will be supervised by the volunteer coordinator who will assist you in setting your schedule and provide you with direction. For additional information please visit the Financial Aid website.

What is expected of me if I am in the America Reads Work-Study program?
If you are accepted as an  work-study student you are expected to: keep in contact with your CPCC supervisor, provide appropriate contact information (i.e. phone and e-mail), work no more than 15 hours per work, submit to background checks and volunteer screening, provide your own transportation submit your timesheet electronically through Wed Advisor. Once your timesheets are submitted your on-site supervisor will need to e-mail Jenn Marts to verify your hours.

What do I need to do if I am selected as an America Reads Work-Study Tutor?
If you are selected as a work-study tutor you will need to attend one of the mandatory orientation session with Mary and register as soon as possible on the CMS website. The link at the bottom of the page will take you to the CMS website.

Who is my supervisor at CPCC?
Your supervisor at CPCC is Jenn Marts. You can contact her contact her at:, 704-330-6824 or stop by the Overcash Performing Arts Center in room 241D.

Who is my supervisor at the elementary school?

Your work-study supervisor at Elizabeth Traditional Elementary School is Ashley Sheaffer. You can reach Ashley at

CMS has updated its Volunteer Management System. All CMS volunteers will need to register into the new system. Go to the CMS Web site to put in your information.

How do I apply for to the America Reads Program?

Click here to print a timesheet

Click here for an application