Service-Learning Transcript and Graduation Pin

Service-Learning Transcript

The Service-Learning Transcript is a culmination of the service-learning hours students complete during their time at CPCC. These include hours completed as part of a service-learning course, co-curricular/club service projects, and individual service that was documented through the Individual Service Documentation Form.

All hours that were recorded on a Service-Learning timesheet, an Individual Service Documentation Form, or other sign in sheets that are turned into the Service-Learning Center are recorded on the Service-Learning Transcript.


To request a copy of your Service-Learning Transcript, please email Terry Galante and provide your full name and student ID. Your transcript will then be emailed to you for convenient attachment to online job and college applications.

Example of a Service-Learning Transcript:

TranscriptService-Learning Graduation Pin

The Service-Learning Center is proud to announce that a pin denoting civically engaged CPCC students has been approved as an addition to graduation regalia by the graduation office. This pin is earned once CPCC students record thirty or more service hours with the Service-Learning Center while at CPCC. Students can contact the Service-Learning Center to see if their hours meet this requirement, and they are also notified via email once they reach this goal. Upon graduation, these deserving students receive this pin and may display it on the left side of their graduation regalia for the CPCC commencement ceremony. This pin is a great way to not only award students for their efforts, but also allows other CPCC faculty, staff, and students to identify and acknowledge CPCC students who are involved in service to their communities.