Frequently Asked Questions


What is Service-Learning?

Service-Learning is a teaching method that connects service to the community with academic instruction and course concepts. In other words, Service-Learning is a chance for you to get hands-on experience and apply what you’ve learned in class.

Why should I do Service-Learning?

Service-Learning can help you become civically engaged. It’s easier than one may think to give back to the community. It can also help determine your career path. It also looks great on a resume, it can help you network with community leaders who later could become great references, and it can help you get into a 4-year university by putting it on your applications.

How is Service-Learning different from volunteering?

Service-Learning takes your volunteer or hands-on service experience and uses reflection, connection to course content, and critical thinking to make a deeper impact on your learning.

Where can I go to complete Service-Learning hours?

Service-Learning can be completed at any non-profit agency that you are interested in working with and is approved by your instructor (if applicable). We are unable to approve service hours for anything that you are paid for with agencies that are not serving the community. If you are looking for an organization to serve, check our COMMUNITY PARTNER LISTING.

Can I go to an agency not listed on the website?

Absolutely, but please remember that no matter where you decide to go you must have your instructor’s approval.

Can I do service on campus during class time?

Your service work will usually take place outside the classroom on your own time. Most service opportunities will be off campus with our partnering agencies. Students are responsible for their own transportation and arranging their work schedule with our partnering agencies.

What kind of service would I do in a Service-Learning course?

Students who sign-up for a Service-Learning component in a course will complete the number of service hours designated by your instructor (usually 10-20 hours) with a pre-approved Community Partner (service agency) in the Charlotte area.

What is Service in Action?

Service in Action is a series of service events hosted throughout the semester. These events are great, hands-on projects with our Community Partners. You can do these projects whether or not you are in a class with a Service-Learning component. They are open to all current Central Piedmont students! You must sign up in advanced to attend.

Can I participate in multiple Service in Action events instead of doing my service at one agency?

If you are not in a S-L class, you can complete as many Service in Action projects as you like. If you are in a class, please make sure your instructor also approves of Service in Action before starting the program.

Do I need to sign up for Service in Action or can I just show up?

It is very important that you sign up before attending. You can check it out HERE.

I am participating in S-L in more than one course. Do I have to do separate hours for each class?

No, you do not have to do duplicate hours. Make sure to pick an agency or projects that meet the requirements for both courses.

Where do I turn in my placement confirmation form, time sheet, and evaluation?

Turn in all of your forms to your instructor! Your placement confirmation form should be turned in before you do service. Once you're done, you can turn in your time sheet and evaluation.

I completed my required hours and turned in my forms. Am I done?

Not yet. You will be required to complete a reflection activity in your class. Also, you must come back to the Service-Learning website and complete the on-line evaluation.