Information For Students


Service-Learning Student Procedures

STEP 1: Make your community partner placement selection.

  • After carefully reviewing the online Community Partner Listing, choose an organization that fits both your interests and your course objectives.
  • Once you make a selection, get approval from your instructor that it will satisfy the Service-Learning requirements for your course
  • Contact the organization to inquire about service opportunities
  • Helpful Hints: State your name and that you are a Central Piedmont Service-Learning student. Tell them the number of hours you need to complete and have your schedule ready to plan your service.
  • Sites may fill up quickly, so contact the organization as soon as possible.

STEP 2: Complete the Placement Confirmation Form

  • You can fill this form out online and print it out, or you can print it out and write the information in by hand.
  • Print a copy for your instructor’s records.
  • Turn the completed placement confirmation form in to your instructor BEFORE YOU START YOUR SERVICE.

STEP 3: Print out your Service-Learning Student Time Sheet and Student Evaluation for Service-Learning

  • You are now ready to start your service!

STEP 4: Complete required service hours and classroom reflection activities

  • Record your time in and time out on your Service-Learning Student Time Sheet. This must be signed by your site supervisor each time you serve at the organization!
  • Be sure you are respectful of any rules/regulations the organization may enforce.
  • Reflect on your experience with an activity guided by your instructor.
  • On your last visit, have your agency supervisor complete the Student Evaluation for Service-Learning

STEP 5: Complete the required Evaluation

  • We want your feedback regarding your service-learning experience!
  • Complete the required Evaluation Confirmation Page.
  • Print this page before you hit the submit button
  • You must click the submit button for the evaluation to be recorded!

STEP 6: At the conclusion of your service, please turn in the completed Service-Learning Student Time Sheet, Student Evaluation for Service-Learning and the Evaluation Confirmation Page to your instructor.