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In order to complete any of our on-line forms, you must download Adobe Acrobat 7.0. If you do not have this version of Adobe Acrobat, please click on the following link to install this program.

Video of Service-Learning orientation online:


Step 1: Make your agency selection

View a list of community partners and agencies

After carefully reviewing the Community Partner list pre-approved by the Service-Learning Center, choose an organization that fits both your interests and your course objectives.

  • Make sure you must first get approval from your instructor .
  • Contact the organization to inquire about service opportunities
  • Helpful Hints: state your name and that you are a CPCC Service-Learning student. Tell them the hours you need to finish and have your schedule ready to plan your service.
  • Sites may fill up quickly so contact the organization as soon as possible.

Step 2: Fill out your Confirmation Placement Form

Complete the confirmation placement form.

  • Complete the Confirmation Placement form and print it out.
  • IMPORTANT: Turn the completed confirmation placement form in to your instructor before you start your service.

Step 3: Print out your Time Sheet and the Student Evaluation for Service-Learning

Time Sheet
Student Evaluation for Service-Learning (this form was formally called the "Contact Log")

  • You are now ready to start your service.

Step 4: Complete required service hours and classroom reflection activities

  • Record your time in and time out on your Timesheet. This must be initialed by your site supervisor each time you serve at the organization.

Step 5: Complete your Evaluation


On-Line Evaluation

Please note: you must click the submit button for the evaluation to be recorded.

Step 6: Turn in your Completed Time Sheet, the Student Evaluation for Service-Learning and the Evaluation Confirmation Page to your instructor.