Levine Campus Food Pantry

Food Lion Feeds Challenge

Learn about the Food Lion Feeds Challenge and how your donations can help CPCC win money for the Emergency food pantries!


Levine Campus Food Pantry

Hours of Operation:

Tuesdays from 9am-5pm; Wednesdays from 11am-5pm; Fridays from Noon-4pm

Location: Levine II, 1323

Questions about the Levine Campus Food Pantry? Contact Lindsey Graves via lindsey.graves@cpcc.edu
or 704-330-2722 ext 7375

* Please note: the pantry will only carry non-perishable items.

Are you in need of a larger pantry? Please click here to see a list of Loaves & Fishes
full size pantry locations and hours.

Students: If you are interested in becoming a Student Pantry Coordinator,
please fill out the application and contract and return it to Lindsey.Graves@cpcc.edu or Levine I 1402