Resources for Community Partners



In order to complete any of our on-line forms, you must download Adobe Acrobat 7.0. If you do not have this version of Adobe Acrobat, please click on the following link to install this program.

Community Partner Resource Guide: This is a very helpful guide to any potential and current Service-Learning Community Partners! This guide includes helpful academic calendar dates that will help community partners plan events around student academic obligations and holidays, notable Service-Learning Center events and more!

Service-Learning Agreement: Once a non-profit organization agrees to partner with the CPCC Service-Learning Center, this form is required to be completed and submitted by the organization. Once this Service-Learning agreement is received, the respective organization's information will be listed on the CPCC Service-Learning Center's List of Community Partners and Agencies. This is how many service-learning students decide on their service-learning placement.

Service-Learning Orientations for Community Partners: Orientations at a community partner's location sets the tone for the student's service-learning experience. Explaining the purpose of your organization and how students can make a difference will help the students feel more engaged, which will in turn motivate them. Please view the following guidelines for some topics to cover with service-learning students when they are completing a service-learning experience with your organization.

On-Going Service-Learning Experience Guideline:
This is beneficial for students who plan to complete service with your organization more than one time.

One Time Service-Learning Experience Guideline: This is beneficial for students who plan to complete a one-day service project with your organization and for groups of CPCC students who attend one day service-learning projects

Please mail any forms including Community Partner agreements to the following:

CPCC Service-Learning Center
P.O. Box 35009
Charlotte, NC 28235