Division (# of Senators)

Senator 1

Senator 2

Senator 3

Senator 4

ACA, English, Humanities & Foreign Languages (4) Kris DeAngelis Daniela Weinert Alyssa Williams Nathan Wood
Applied Technologies (2) Brittany Holleran Kenn Compton
Visual & Performing Arts (2) Paula Smith Tom Hollis
Behavioral & Social Sciences
Business & Accounting (4)
Kent Cashion Shawn Allison J.B Gammon Jeffrey Scaggs
College and Career Readiness (2)
Construction Technologies  (2) Mark Paterno
Melanie Reddrick
Digital Media, Journalism and Communications  (2) Corlis Hayes Owen Sutkowski
Early Childhood Education, Teacher Education & Cosmetic Arts (1) Susan Butler-Staub
Trina Davis
Engineering Technologies (2) Adam Harris
Dominic Mascari
Health Sciences (2) Jessica Huffman Marcia Moore
Health and Human Services (2) Sabrina Black Sherina DuBose-Tillman
Hospitality Education(1) Richard Spellman
Information Technologies (2) Ann Aksut Joseph Little
Math (4) Ryan Bean Quille Hunt
Medical Careers (2) Danielle Hensley Catherine Flores
Nursing  (2) Mary Russell Hannah Hogg
Professional Careers  (2) Nina Neal Tony Emetu
Public Safety (1) Leonard Edge
Sciences  (3) Steppen Murphy Elizabeth Mitchell Alison von Briesen
Transport Systems Technologies (3)
Professional Staff (23) Trina Ardrey
(Enterprise Information Services)
Jesse Bennett   (Student Life) Courtnee Bonds (Institutional Research) Lauren Estes (Service Learning)
Alexis Frisinger (Engineering Technologies) Tommy Funches (Counseling and Adv) Pedro Galvan (CCR) Lindsey Graves (Service Learning)
Timothy Johnson (Web Development) Justin Knoll (Student Life) Carrie Madsen (Counseling) Laura Mansfield (Library Services)
Donald Michael (Learning Tech Services) Laurie Necasek  (E-Learning) Glenda Nnaji (Health & Medical Careers) Herbert Rembert (Human Resources)
Savannah Rhead (Financial Aid) Jennifer Rhodes (E-Learning) Amber Shannon (Applied Technologies) Chris Wiggins (Electrical Systems)
Zina WIlliams (Counseling and Adv) Kelly Wilson (Corporate Learning)