Sustainability Technologies (A40370)

The Sustainability Technologies curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for employment in environmental consulting, construction management, alternative energy, manufacturing, and related industries. Major emphasis is placed on minimizing the impact on our environment.

Course work includes safety, estimating, productivity, problem solving, landscape analysis, alternative energy resource management and environmental considerations. Computer application will address the construction, modeling, and analysis of specific scenarios relating to creating a sustainable environment.

Graduates should qualify for numerous positions within the construction management, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, and alternative energy industry. Employment opportunities include, but are not limited to, the following: environmental engineering technicians, precision instrument & equipment repairers, construction management, and alternative energy specialists.

For more information, contact Matt Miller at (704) 330 - 6836

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  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • CPCC placement tests are required in English and mathematics. Developmental classes in mathematics and English courses are available for students to build basic skills and knowledge.
  • A counseling/orientation appointment follows placement testing.
  • Students should see a faculty advisor before registration.
  • Many courses have prerequisites or corequisites; check the Course Descriptions section for details.

Note: Students who do not take program‐related courses for a one‐year period must reenter the program under the Catalog in effect at the time of reentry.

For more information, contact Matt Miller at (704) 330 - 6836.