The Business of Real Estate

Real talk about real estate investing. New offerings to help you understand the ins and outs of owning, managing and investing in real estate. To learn more about these classes and other offerings to help your small business, call 704.330.4223.

New featured offerings:

Real Estate Investing: Is It Right for You?
6/23-7/2 Mon/Wed

As the housing market gets stronger, so does the opportunity for making money by investing in real estate. Delve into various types of real estate investments and discover which type best fits your entrepreneurial vision. Learn how a real estate investment business differs from operating other small businesses. No matter what type of real estate investment interests you, this class helps you create a plan for lasting success. Course outline

Do It Yourself Property Management
7/7-7/9 Mon/Wed

Real estate rentals are a proven way to make money, but they require time and management to be successful. Buying the rental property is the easy part. Once you have the property, do you know how to manage it to maximize your income? Avoid costly mistakes by learning how to prepare and promote your properties, select tenants, handle repairs and more. Course outline

Be a "Legal" Landlord and Improve Your Bottom Line
7/14-7/16 Mon/Wed

Once you have moved into the world of real estate investing and property management, you will want to understand all of the legalities of being a landlord. What disclosures must you make to your tenants? What can you do if your tenant quits paying rent? What rights of privacy are your tenants entitled to? Find out the answers to these questions and more!  Course outline