Fall 2014 In Service Schedule

The following is a list of in-service courses being offered by CPCC's Law Enforcement In-Service Training.  The list will be updated as needed, so check back for changes or additions.  Registration for classes will be taken by calling customer service with the course number at 704.330.4223. All classes are 0800hrs to 1700hrs unless otherwise noted.


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Law Enforcement Classes – FALL 2014

Registration Available by calling Call Customer Service at 704-330-4223


Course Number

Course Name

Oct. 21-23, 2014

PSX  8020-08

Surviving First 3 Seconds: Part II: Reality Base Training

This course is Part II of Surviving the First Three Seconds. It is designed to provide common characteristics associated with human behavior that will enable the student to more rapid recognize, identify and articulate the ever present dangers presented by assailants through verbal and non-verbal clues.

Instructor:  Trooper Hensley

Sept.15 , 2014

Nov. 11, 2014

PSX 7892-03

PSX 7892-04


This course is designed to update the standardized field sobriety tests and certify Officer in DWI Detection and Enforcement. This course satisfies the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) mandatory 2 year SFST Refresher.

Instructor: Sgt. Chesser

*This class is held at the CMPD Academy

Sept.16-18, 2014

PSX 8005-01

Basic Gang Investigations

This three day course is designed to provide basic entry-level training on gang investigations for officers newly assigned to work with street gangs and for officers who may have limited experience and little formal training in street gang investigations.

Instructor: NC Gang Association

Oct.16-17, 2014

PSX 8020-11

High Risk Apprehension Techniques

This course is designed to provide law enforcement officers with the methods and techniques used to safely and effectively execute the arrest of high risk fugitives.

Instructor: Violent Criminal Apprehension Team

Nov. 6-7, 2014

PSX 8000-14

Roadside Interview Techniques

This two-day course is designed to address an examination of the roadside interview process to include questioning for quality information, accessing verbal, vocal and non-verbal behavior and gaining compliance as they apply to the roadside interviews.

Instructor: CarSmart

Nov. 20-21, 2014

PSX 8020-13

Pre-Hospital Combat Care

This course is designed to familiarize the student with the usage of hemostatic agents, trauma concerns and tactical combat casualty care methodologies. The course closely adheres to the TCC and C-TECC current guidelines for casualty care.

Students Need to Bring:

  • Service Handgun
  • Service Rifle and/or Shotgun
  • 0 Rounds of Pistol Duty or Practice Ammunition
  • Hearing and Eye Protection
  • Issued Ballistic Vest, Duty Belt, and Holster

Instructor: Special Agent Minderlein, MS/Tactical Medic/EMT

Nov. 12, 2014

PSX 8005-04

Violent Fugitive Apprehension

This course is designed to expand on the skills of sworn law enforcement officers involved in the hunting and arresting of violent criminals. This course will emphasize on the methods and techniques used to locate and apprehend violent fugitives quickly and efficiently, from the issuance of a warrant to their arrest.

Instructor: Violent Criminal Apprehension Team

Nov. 17-19,2014

PSX 8005-02

Advance Gang Investigations

This three-day class provides advanced gang training to street gang investigators, security threat group investigators, and intelligence analysts currently assigned to gang investigations with two to four years of experience in gang investigations. In order to receive a certification, officers must have completed the 24-hours of Basic Gang Investigation Class.

Instructor: NC Gang Association

Nov. 17-21, 2014

PSX 8020-10

Fugitive Manhunt

This course is designed for law enforcement officers and K-9 Units to learn, and evaluate various tracking techniques that will lead to the apprehension of armed and dangerous fugitives.

Instructor: Blackduck

Dec. 1-12, 2014

PSX 8005-03

Police Law Institute

To provide the skills necessary to conduct enforcement activities associated with search warrants, arrests, detention, warrantless searches, interviews, eyewitness identifications and non-testimonial identification orders and to avoid liability while conducting such activities.

Instructor: Attorney Moore, (Justice Academy)

Dec. 3-5, 2014

PSX 8015-01

First Line Supervision/Management

This course is designed to provide training in all topics directly related to supervision or management activities.  Course topics
include but are not limited to field training officer training, risk management, developing policy and procedures, internal affairs,
and supervision and management.  This course prefix should be used for courses that fit the nature of the above examples.  Local titles may be used.  Course hours should be reasonable based upon the nature of the local training, but may not exceed the maximum hours.

Instructor: Doug Norwood


Questions, contact:

Major Brown, patricia.brown@cpcc.edu, 704.330.4114 or

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