Forensics (AAAF)


The mission of the American Academy of Applied Forensics is to improve the quality of investigative services through innovative training programs that link cutting-edge research in the forensic sciences with the criminal justice practitioner.

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The AAAF staff is devoted to a philosophy of training that encompasses both conceptual and practical approaches to learning. Because the forensic sciences are advancing so rapidly, it is essential that crime scene investigators be trained not merely as technicians who collect and process evidence using one technique or another, but instead are equipped to be investigative professionals who understand and can apply the scope of scientific principles that govern evidence collection and preservation.
Equally important in AAAF’s training philosophy is the belief that instruction include hands-on opportunities to practice critical skills using the latest technology. AAAF’s staff of instructors is committed to using this combination of academic and technical expertise along with practical exercises to make our training comprehensive, responsive to the ever-changing nature of the discipline and applicable to the crime scene investigator’s day-to-day responsibilities.

With that training philosophy as a foundation, the American Academy of Applied Forensics offers two paths in the field of crime scene investigation: general forensics and digital evidence.