Online Instruction

Interested in online classes?

CPCC recognizes that many people would like to take additional college courses or get their degree, but cannot attend traditional classroom instruction because of work or family requirements. To increase our service to the community, CPCC’s criminal justice program now offers a majority of our classes in both a traditional (seated) format and in an online format. Our online courses offer the same high quality instruction as our traditional classes, but with the versatility and flexibility that today’s working public safety professionals and busy individuals require.

Are online classes right for you?

Internet-based or online learning is a form of distance learning that primarily uses the Internet for content delivery, communication, interaction, and assignment submission and may not be well suited for every student. Learning with the Internet as the primary source of contact with the instructor and the course content means that the student must have certain skills and work habits to be successful. You can learn more about what it takes to be successful in an online class by visiting the college’s eLearning site or see what services are available to online student here.

It is important to recognize that not all criminal justice courses are available fully online. Some courses (designated as hybrid courses) use a combination of online and seated instruction and will require some on campus attendance.  Some courses are available only in a traditional (classroom) format. To see what courses are available on line, check the colleges schedule builder and select “Online Offerings” under the advanced search settings.

Are you currently working as a police officer and would like to return to school to get your associates degree but not sure it will fit your schedule?

For students who are currently BLET certified, they can combine work from their police officer's BLET training with online course work to obtain their associates degree in a scheduling format more suitable for working public safety professionals. To see what courses you can receive credit for with a current BLET certificate, click here. In some limited cases, you may also be able to use professional training for credit towards your degree.