Belk Center For Justice

CJ BuildingThe Public Safety program is located in the Claudia Watkins Belk Center for Justice on the college's Merancas Campus in Huntersville, NC. The Merancas Campus was one of the first satellite campuses and was opened in 1990. The main office number is 704.330.4101.    

Several years after opening the North Campus, the college began working towards a second building on the campus for the Public Safety Program. The building, funded with local bond money, was the result of a collaborative effort that included area law enforcement professionals, community college leaders and relevant public groups.

Groundbreaking ceremonies were held in October, 1995 and the Public Safety Building was occupied in December, 1996. On November 3, 2000, this building became the Claudia Watkins Belk Center for Justice, named after one of Charlotte’s most prestigious and prominent citizens, Judge Claudia Watkins Belk.

Today, the Claudia Watkins Belk Center for Justice is the home of CPCC Public Safety Division.  The Law Enforcement, Forensics and Criminal Justice faculty and staff have their offices here.  In addition to traditional and smart classrooms, the facilities houses several science labs, computer labs and the college's mock crime scene facility which allows students to practice skills in a realistic environment. The building is also home to the college's BLET program and the American Academy of Applied Forensics.