Transfer Information


Students may be able to use the AAS Degree to transfer to a four year institution.  This page lists some general issues students should consider if they intend to transfer.  IN ALL CASES, students should check with the institution they intend to transfer to for specific transfer requirements and limitations.

While not intended to be a transfer degree, the Associate in Applied Science in Criminal Justice Technology may be use as the basis to transfer to a four year institution.  Many four year institutions require a broader liberal arts/general education background than CPCC's AAS degree requires.  For students who entered the program after 2010, some Humanities, Behavioral and Physical Science and Language courses can be used to fulfill program electives.  In all cases, students interested in transferring should contact their advisory for more information.

In general, students who intend to transfer should ensure their course work includes the following;

  • 6 credit hours (2 courses) of Mathematics.  One course should be in introductory mathematics (college algebra, trigonometry, calculus, etc.). The second course should satisfy a statistics requirement (MAT 155 Statistical Analysis is recommended).
  • At least one laboratory science course (BIO 111 General Biology is recommended).
  • At least 4 credit hours of a foreign language (SPA 111 Elementary Spanish is recommended). If possible. Take an additional 4 hours (SPA 112)
  • At least 9 credit hours of Social/Behavioral Sciences electives.  (POL 120 American Government, PSY 150 General Psychology and SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology are recommended).
  • Additional courses from art, drama, dance, interdisciplinary humanities, literature, music, philosophy, and religion.

Click on the Beyond CPCC link for information on area institutions that offer 4 year degrees that may meet the needs of our graduates.