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Begin or advance your career in the construction or sustainability industry at Central Piedmont. The college offers flexible, hands-on training, instruction, and exam prep for professional licensure through the Crowder Construction Institute. 

If you are looking to earn college credit toward an associate degree, certificate, diploma, or to transfer to another institution, explore our degree programs.

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The following Corporate and Continuing Education programs include hybrid, live online and in-person courses at Central Piedmont. We also offer on demand online classes through Ed2Go. Corporate and Continuing Education courses at Central Piedmont are skill-based and not offered for college credit, but in many cases continuing education units (CEUs) are awarded and courses may lead to industry-recognized credentials.

If you need help or a program or course you are interested in is not currently offered, contact Corporate and Continuing Education Customer Service at 704.330.4223

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General Contractor’s License Exam Prep

  • CAR 7130 Residential Contractor's Exam Review

    This course is a review of the laws, codes, and procedures covered by the General Contractor's License Examination for residential and light construction. This classification includes construction of all one- and two-family dwellings covered by the N.C. Residential Code.

    Hours: 40

  • CAR 7131 Commercial Contractor's Exam Review

    This course is a review of the laws, codes, and procedures covered by the General Contractor's License Examination for commercial construction. This classification includes the construction of all commercial, industrial, individual, multi-family, and residential construction. The financial requirements for the Commercial/Building classification are the same for the Residential classification.

    Hours: 40

Licensing and Code Qualification

  • BPR 7004 Blueprint Reading and Estimating, Plus Home Methods

    A course covering the fundamentals of reading and interpreting residential blueprints and estimating the quantities of materials and labor required to construct a house. The course will discuss the use of current technology (CADD and BIM) as well as floor and wall systems.

    Hours: 86

  • CAR 7101 Home Construction Methods and Details

    This course is designed to assist the inexperienced builder to identify and evaluate information and procedures related to home construction such as:

    • lot surveys, drainage, excavation, and foundation construction, foundation wall, floor, wall and roof framing
    • appraising prefabricated walls and roof trusses, various types of duct work, heating and plumbing rough-in, and electrical wiring
    • comparing and selecting exterior wall coverings, plumbing-lighting-electrical fixtures, devices, and hardware
    • evaluating the application of the construction materials and techniques

    Hours: 40

  • CIX 7013 Professional Home Inspectors Training

    This course will prepare you to become a knowledgeable and competent home inspector.

    Topics include:

    • licensing law, building science fundamentals, principals of house construction, and applicable building code history
    • an in-depth and on-going review of the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
    • the study of all systems of a house that must be inspected: structure, roof, exterior, interior, heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing, insulation, ventilation, and appliances
    • developing report writing skills

    The course is approved by the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board and meets their new standard for the classroom training required in preparation to sit for the licensing exam. It is also approved by the South Carolina Residential Builders Commission as preparation for their exam.

    Hours: 125


  • PLU 7015 Backflow Assembly Tester Certification

    This class will help you develop entry-level skills and working knowledge of the causes and principles of backflow and backflow prevention, such as:

    • recognize the proper backflow prevention assembly application, installation, and operation
    • practice accurate record-keeping
    • demonstrate a working knowledge of the backflow program responsibilities
    • learn to apply hydraulic principles and laws and recite applicable and relevant plumbing code requirements

    Course Requirements:

    • student accident insurance, technology fee, and lab fee
    • bring a small screwdriver 
    • must be able to read proficiently, and perform basic math and mechanical skills

    Hours: 40

  • PLU 7016 Backflow Prevention Assembly and Tester Recertification

    This course will focus on reviewing the basic skills and knowledge for a backflow assembly field tester. You must have completed a CMUD (Charlotte Mecklenburg Utility Department)–approved course in cross connection control and require recertification of original certificate.

    Hours: 12

A Current Student's Perspective

Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer, president of Central Piedmont, talks with Welding Technology student Marco Gallardo Cuervo about the struggles and opportunities he's experienced as a student both on- and off-campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.


I am in every sense of the word a product of Central Piedmont. Central Piedmont is my family, first and foremost. This has been the best job I have ever had. Brian Lucas, Associate Dean, Skilled Trades