2019 Year End Deadlines & Information

CPCC's fiscal period is July 1st thru June 30th.  CPCC has established year end deadlines for encumbering state and county funds, receiving of goods, petty cash reimbursements, p-card charges, etc.   Click the below link to view CPCC's year end deadlines letter.

2019 Year End Deadlines and Information

Year end forums have been scheduled to review and answer questions regarding the established year end deadlines.  Forums have been scheduled for February 12 and 14.  Year End Forums are in LearnerWeb so please register as space is limited.

Need requisition training so you can meet the established year end deadlines?  See our Training page for information.

Reminder: At all times, expected expenses from CPCC vendors that can not pay via P-card must be encumbered thru the NC E-Procurement system prior to services being rendered or goods being ordered.  At year end, internal charges such as P-card, postage and travel will be encumbered thru our CPCC Colleague system.  Contact your buyer with questions.