P-card is a VISA credit card that can be utilized to pay College expenses of $2,500 or less.  Certain restrictions apply.  Example restrictions: only full-time employees of the college are eligible to receive a P-card, no computers or equipment can be charged to a P-card regardless of purchase price, P-card charges cannot be split to avoid the $2,500 per transaction limit, conference registrations are the only travel expense allowed to be charged to P-card.  Review all P-card guidelines or contact the P-card Administrator at 6091 or Rosalynn.Hoang@cpcc.edu with questions.

P-card Agreement Form: A P-card Agreement Form must be completed for a full-time employee to receive a P-card.  Follow the below instructions to complete the P-card Agreement form.

  1. Click to access the P-card Agreement Form
  2. Read the P-card Agreement Form.
  3. Fill out the P-card Agreement form completely. The Manager and Unit VP must approve the request.  When selecting the Manager and Unit VP, the requester can click the "Browse" icon to find the individuals or enter their names and click the "Check Name" icon.  This will ensure the online form is routed properly via the CPCC email system.
  4. Click Submit.

NOTE: Misuse of a P-card can result in revocation of the P-card or disciplinary action in accordance with CPCC policies and procedures.

P-Card Manual Click to view the P-card manual that governs the P-card program.  P-card guidelines can be viewed in the P-card Manual.

Bank of America Dispute Form Click to view the P-card dispute form.  This form is required for all disputed charges that appear on a P-card.  Contact the P-card Administrator at 6091 or Rosalynn.Hoang@cpcc.edu with questions.

Steps for Creating Monthly P-Card Billing Statement P-card statements and receipts must be received in CPCC Accounts Payable on a monthly basis.  P-card holders receive an automated email from CPCC Accounts Payable regarding the monthly P-card due date.  Click to view how to print your monthly P-card statement.

Online P-Card Order Information When making a charge you may be asked for the billing address.  Click to view the appropriate billing address to provide.

CPCC departments are not permitted to use College funds to purchase retail gift cards/debit cards to distribute to employees.  IRS regulations consider gift cards/debit cards to be a cash equivalent with a requirement to be added to an employee’s W-2 earnings as taxable income.  The P-Card can be used to purchase gift cards for non-employees provided that the purchaser makes the statement that the gift card is not for a CPCC employee.