Warranty Repairs

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Furniture Repairs
Making a request
If you have furniture which needs repair, such as chairs, bookcases, file cabinets, and modular furniture, it is possible that a warranty exists which might cover materials or labor, or both, at a minimal cost or no charge to your department.
If furniture was bought on a purchase order (BO or PO), please contact your buyer with the order information, a description of the problems, the location, and contact information.  Purchases made on state contracts have warranty terms.   Procurement can assist in determining warranties and making arrangements for repairs.
If the furniture was purchased with the CPCC P-Card, please contact your vendor for assistance in determining warranty coverage and making arrangements.
Vendors are not required to provide loaner furnishings during repairs.
For all NC Correction Enterprise chair repairs:
The person requesting that equipment be repaired under warranty should contact a Buyer or the vendor of a Procurement P-Card transaction.
Be prepared to supply the following information:
  • make and model
  • state board (SB) number
  • location
  • contact person
  • phone number
  • description of the problem.

Warranty terms
Warranty terms vary greatly on equipment purchased by the College and are usually considered in effect at time of receipt in the Shipping and Receiving Office, not at the time of installation in the department.

Warranty information
Any doubt concerning warranty conditions should be directed to the Procurement Department, which will contact the vendor in order to confirm warranty terms.
NOTE: It is important not to tamper with new equipment under a manufacturer's warranty in an attempt to repair it. This action may further damage the equipment and will void any remaining warranty.

Repair process
The College must follow the manufacturer or vendor's instructions for return at all times. The Procurement Department will approve service technicians on-site when necessary, or Shipping and Receiving personnel will pick up the equipment and deliver or ship it to the repair facility. End users  may also deliver to repair facility if desired. A purchase order number or purchasing card is required for service.

Out-of-warranty repairs
Repairs are approved through account managers who have appropriate funds. Follow these steps to request out-of-warranty repairs:
  • Complete a purchase requisition or use procurement card.
  • Forward it to account manager for approval.
  • Send approved repair requisition to the Procurement Office.
The end user may wish to ask for quotes before sending the equipment out for repair, or ask Procurement for assistance.

Computer repairs
Microcomputer repairs should be requested through the Information Technology Department by calling extension 5000, who will determine if repairs can be made in-house or by a third party service location. Be prepared to furnish information such as:
  • Make, model of hardware
  • Description of problem
  • Inventory number
  • Building & room location
  • Serial number

Excessive costs
For items requiring extensive repairs approaching or exceeding the cost of replacement, the Procurement Department will advise the department of the replacement cost. The account manager may exercise options to:
  • make the repairs
  • not make the repairs (the account manager should then request that the Inventory Control Office dispose of the unrepaired equipment as state surplus)
  • request replacement of the equipment.

Service contracts
Departments may request from a dean or vice president funds to purchase service contracts on their equipment after warranty expiration.
Service contracts are handled within the purchase order system.